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Latest Neighbourhood Watch News
13 Oct
Gawler East 111 in the Spotlight

In early 1989 a group of Gawler East community members met in Gawler Town Hall to discuss their Adelaide Hills suburb. As proactive and caring individuals, they dreamed of a connected, safe and proud area. Quickly two small but determined Neighbourhood Watch SA (NHW) groups formed - Gawler East 111...

07 Sep
Clare NHW Graffiti Removal

The Neighbourhood Watch SA (NHW) team recently travelled to Clare to see the local group’s graffiti removal project in action. The group have been committed to cause, having started the project 10 years ago and gave us great insight into how the operation works.

It was a beautiful spring day with...

24 Aug
Para Hills celebrate 25th birthday

On Monday 23rd August, Para Hills Neighbourhood Watch SA group (Area 441) came together with the wider community to celebrate their 25th anniversary.

Taking place at Para Hills Community Club and following all COVID regulations and protocols, attendees gathered for a very special occasion with VIP speeches,...

23 Aug
Help Prevent Bike Theft

Bikes can provide you with a great way to get from A to B. Usually more affordable than a car or motorbike, they’re also very good for the environment and your physical fitness, but with these positives comes interest from potential thieves.

We sat down with Senior Constable...

19 Aug
A History of NHW SA

WORLD PHOTO DAY: A History of NHW SA Through Photographs

Around for 36 incredible years, the Neighbourhood Watch SA (NHW) program has been on a fascinating journey!

On this World Photo Day we decided to dig through the archives, finding old photos that help bring that journey to life.

Here’s what we found…


23 Jul
Staying Active in Lockdown

As we spend more time at home to stop the spread of COVID-19, it’s easy to forget our daily activity routine. We’re no longer getting incidental exercise from commuting or running errands, and some of us are doing less to engage our minds. But it’s especially important to stay active...

16 Jul
20 Steps to Help Secure Your Home

Your home and its contents are probably your most valuable assets, and although you might feel it may never happen to you, house break-ins are a reality.

SA Police is committed to preventing these types of offences and catching those who commit them, but you can prevent your property becoming an...

22 Jun
Use what3words now!

What3words is a platform that has divided the world into three metre square segments, and then given each square a unique combination of three words.

In using what3words someone can give their exact location easily, by going to the what3word website or app, activating it, and then sharing the...

11 Jun
Get ready for the long weekend

Who doesn’t love a three-day weekend? You reach Sunday night and wait for the blues to kick in, suddenly remembering it’s the Queen’s Birthday! Another chance at a day off. How awesome is that!

There’s loads you could get up to with that extra day, something as simple as getting...

01 Jun
Celebrating World Environment Day

On Sunday 30 May, Broadview and Collinswood Neighbourhood Watch group hosted a community pruning day, in partnership with Prospect Local Environment Group (PLEG) at Broadview Community Garden.

To celebrate World Environment Day, which takes place today, local residents were invited, along with their secateurs and shears, to...

27 May
National Reconciliation Week

Reconciliation is a journey for all of us as individuals, communities, and as an organisation. It is about strengthening respectful relationships between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and the broader Australian community through our hearts, minds and actions.

It is a time for us to learn about our shared histories,...

13 May
Improve your password security

Did you know that this time last week it was World Password Day? The first Thursday in May serves as an annual reminder for us to check and update our passwords.

To help you stay safe online, here are four simple things you can do right now to help you improve...

11 May
Hope Valley & Highbury Celebrate 30 Years

Hope Valley & Highbury Neighbourhood Watch SA group (3, Area 222) celebrated its 30+1 anniversary yesterday with a celebratory dinner at the Highbury Hotel. The official 30th birthday was in May last year but due to COVID restrictions the group was unable to celebrate. They did so in style late...

07 May
NHW celebrates SA Youth Week

SA Youth Week is South Australia’s biggest celebration for young people aged 12-25.

Running from Sunday 2 May to Sunday 9 May, the annual celebration week provides a unique platform to recognise the contribution of young people to our communities while aiming to empower our youth to make a difference to...

28 Apr
Foundation Day 2021

Today, South Australia Police (SAPOL), with the support of the South Australian Police Historical Society, celebrates Foundation Day. On the same date in 1838 a Police Inspector, 10 Mounted Constables and 10 Foot Constables were sworn in as the first members of the South Australia Police, the first centrally organised...

19 Apr
COVID-19 vaccination scams

Cybercriminals are constantly evolving their tactics; tailoring their means and methods to current world events. As the COVID-19 vaccination is rolled out across South Australia, we’re anticipating that scammers will use this opportunity to send out fraudulent offers, designed to steal your identity.

It is important to remember that the COVID-19...
25 Mar
Protect your local stores

Neighbourhood Watch SA believes in a safe and connected community. At the centre of any community are the local stores and businesses. They support you while also enriching your life in various ways. It’s therefore incredibly important to keep them safe.

Unfortunately local stores and businesses can be a target for...

10 Mar
Protect your vehicle from theft

Are you a Holden or Ford supporter? Or do you lean towards Fiat? Tesla? Maybe Toyota?

For thieves, it doesn’t matter. Any make or model of vehicle can be a target for theft.

Vehicles are usually stolen for either immediate use, to be used in another crime later, or stolen to be...

07 Dec
SA Police Volunteer of the Year

It is our pleasure to congratulate the recipient of the SA Police Commissioner’s Volunteer of the Year Award for 2020. Congratulations Margaret Jaensch – one of our valued Neighbourhood Watch SA members.

Margaret was presented with the award by Deputy Commissioner Linda Williams at a ceremony on Friday, ahead of International...

28 Oct
New and enhanced issue of Blueprint

The latest issue of the SA Police Blueprint magazine is out now. This issue is a special COVID-19 edition of Blueprint which highlights the dedication and professionalism of SA Police in protecting South Australians during the pandemic.

In a first, the online experience has been enhanced with a series of videos...

23 Oct
Lions Citizen of the Year Award

The annual South Australian Citizen’s Award is presented by The Lions Club of the City of Adelaide and SA Police, and acknowledges a member of the public who performs extraordinary service to assist SA Police in the performance of police duties.

The recipient is selected from nominations made by SA Police...

30 Sep
Rotary Club thanks SA Police

In previous years the Rotary Club of Unley, in partnership with SA Police, has presented the SA Police Officer of the Year Award each September at the Royal Adelaide Show. Due to the uncertainty created by the COVID-19 pandemic, the decision has been made to postpone this year’s award selection...

27 Aug
Public assistance leads to arrests

At the heart of the Neighbourhood Watch program sits the concept of community members helping to keep their communities safe by reporting suspicious and anti-social activity to the police.

We want to showcase a couple of recent good news stories where members of the public have done exactly that, resulting in...

03 Jul
Car Fraudster Alert

Fraudsters are currently targeting vehicle owners who are selling their vehicle online.

In recent incidents, victims are handing over their cars once the payment shows as ‘pending’ in the seller’s bank account, but the payment subsequently bounces.

Ensure that you wait for the buyer’s payment to definitely clear into your bank account...

17 Jun
'Keeping Safe' activity booklet

We are proud to let you know that SAPOL has launched a fun new activity booklet for police to use when engaging with younger members of our community. Police will use this resource in the community and school environments when engaging with children to help build trusting relationships and increase...

03 Jun
Op Hurricane 2 - Building sites

In the final week of the five week Neighbourhood Watch partnership with SAPOL’s Operation Hurricane 2 campaign, we are educating the public on building site security with a series of crime prevention posts, and a video clip on our Facebook page.

Neighbourhood Watch volunteers have an important role to play...

27 May
Op Hurricane 2 - Bike security

This week in our five-week Operation Hurricane 2 campaign, we are focusing on bike security and the simple things you can do to reduce the chances of your bike being stolen.

Four weeks ago Neighbourhood Watch SA in partnership with SA Police launched our five-week campaign to support SAPOL’s Operation Hurricane...

21 May
Op Hurricane 2 - Home security

This week in our five-week Operation Hurricane 2 campaign, we are focusing on home security and the simple things you can do to reduce the chances of your home being broken into.

Two weeks ago Neighbourhood Watch SA in partnership with SA Police launched our five-week campaign to support SAPOL’s Operation...

13 May
Op Hurricane 2 – Vehicle security

Last week Neighbourhood Watch SA in partnership with SA Police launched our five-week campaign to support SAPOL’s Operation Hurricane 2 which is targeting crimes against property.

We kicked off with business security, and this week we are focusing on vehicle security.

Some simple things for you to consider include:

  • Remove all valuables from...
08 May
Operation Hurricane 2

The Neighbourhood Watch Community Crime Prevention Program has always been particularly relevant to reducing property crime including break-ins and vehicle crime. NHW and our volunteers help to encourage the community to be vigilant and report suspicious activity and to educate them on how to protect their property.

With this in mind...

22 Apr
Working from Home Fact Sheet

NHW News Working From Home

As Neighbourhood Watch volunteers, please help us to keep everyone currently working from home safe from online fraudsters. Please share this new online safety resource with your NHW networks and neighbours.

Cybercriminals are taking advantage of the fact that more people are working from home at the...

31 Dec
NHW promotes caravan & RV security

Caravan and RV Security

If you travel or holiday in our state and use a caravan or recreational vehicle (RV) for your accommodation then this is essential reading.

SA Police has created a new Caravan and Recreational Vehicle Security booklet, in partnership with Neighbourhood Watch SA and the Caravan...

25 Oct
Free food safety courses for NHW

NHW News food safety

Knowing how to safely handle food is paramount to enjoying any meal, from a gourmet degustation to a simple NHW BBQ in the local park. Did you know there is FREE training available to anyone who wishes to make sure they are doing things right with food,...