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Alcohol and drugs

Crime and disorder within the community is often influenced by legal and illegal drug use.

Legal and illegal drugs include:

  • alcohol
  • medications
  • stimulants
  • cannabis
  • opioids
  • hallucinogens.

South Australia Police works to minimise the harm of drug use by:

  • reducing supply
  • reducing demand
  • reducing drug related harm.

By minimising harm, outcomes for everyone in the community are improved.

Alcohol and drugs response

We reduce demand by:

  • diverting illicit drug users into treatment programs.

We reduce supply by:

  • targeting the manufacture of illegal drugs
  • disrupting the market for selling drugs and dealing on the street
  • monitoring the diversion of chemicals and equipment and investigating their use for making illegal drugs.

We reduce harm by:

  • focusing on the impact of substance abuse on local communities
  • enforcing road safety by conducting random roadside breath and saliva tests
  • enforcing licensing requirements at places where alcohol is sold.

Reform to SA liquor laws
New liquor licensing laws came into effect on 18 December 2017. Visit Consumer and Business Services for further information regarding the new liquor licensing laws. Download the Stop the supply of alcohol to minors brochure or the Liquor Licensing: A modern and safe SA.


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