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Think first then dial

Report missing persons

Contact the police immediately if:

  • the whereabouts of someone is unknown
  • you fear for their safety
  • you have concerns for their welfare.

You do not need to wait 24 hours before making a report.

How to report a missing person

Report a missing person:

  • at a police station in person
  • by phone on 131 444.

Find your local police station

Provide as much information as possible. This will help us in our investigation.


  • when and where the person was last seen or heard from
  • places the missing person likes to visit
  • their cause of absence if known
  • a full description of the missing person
  • a recent photograph
  • any medical problems, requirements or medications they need
  • any other reasons for your concern about their safety or welfare
  • names, addresses and phone numbers of friends and associates.

Australian Police Child ID Safety App

The Australian Police Child ID Safety App is a tool to help parents and guardians more easily collect and send important information about their children to authorities in the event of a disappearance or abduction.

The app:

  • allows you to store photographs and vital information about your children
  • includes safety advice and checklists for parents on keeping children safe
  • provides information about what to do in the hours immediately after a child goes missing
  • and lists emergency contact phone numbers.

The app is available at no cost for iPhone users.App store

What the police will do

We will make enquiries in the area where the person was last seen. The local police will keep in contact with you during that time.

The investigation will be taken over by the Missing Persons Investigation Section if:

  • the missing person is not located within 30 days
  • the investigation is not suspicious.

If the disappearance is suspicious the investigation may be taken over by the local Criminal Investigation Branch or the Major Crime Investigation Section.

Public assistance

If you have information on the possible whereabouts of a missing person contact:

Visit the Crime Stoppers website

Find your local police station

If you are missing

Being a missing person is not a crime.

We ask that you call your family and friends to let them know that you are alright.

If you don't want to make contact with your family and friends you can ask the Missing Persons Investigation Section to pass on a message. Phone 8172 5467.

The police will not tell anyone where you are without your permission.

National Missing Persons Coordination Centre

The National Missing Persons Coordination Centre works in partnership with police in all states and territories, the Australian and state governments, non-government agencies and the community to:

  • help reduce the incidence of missing persons
  • locate missing persons as quickly as possible
  • provide support to the missing person, their family, friends and the community.

Visit the National Missing Persons Coordination Centre website