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Think first then dial

Service charters

South Australia Police (SAPOL) is committed to delivering consistent high quality services to the community.

Our service charters set out what you can expect when dealing with SAPOL:

Service delivery charter

When you need or seek our services we will:

  • provide polite, courteous and respectful services
  • deal professionally with enquiries
  • manage investigations and other processes
  • keep you informed of the progress of an enquiry.

For offenders, suspects or people in custody we will:

  • deal with the circumstances
  • provide information.

Find out more about our service delivery charters. Download a service delivery charter in your language.


We welcome your feedback.

Complete a feedback form to comment on our services and how we can make improvements to our service delivery.

Small business charter

SAPOL is committed to:

  • excellent service
  • high ethical standards
  • professional and competent business relationships
  • paying for goods and services without undue delay
  • continuous monitoring and improvement.

Our small business clients include:

  • businesses as recipients of police services
  • suppliers of goods and services to consumers of services
  • sponsors or participants in crime prevention programs.

Standards of service

We will monitor our service to ensure that it meets the standards set out in this Small Business Charter.

We will deal with small businesses courteously, promptly and professionally.

Where a response is required, all commercial correspondence except quotations and tender responses will be replied to or acknowledged within eight working days of receipt by SAPOL.

All telephone calls will be answered in a prompt and courteous manner.

We will ensure that all undisputed accounts are paid within the nominated credit time or within 30 days.

All appointments with small business clients will be punctually attended to.

Tender specifications prepared by SAPOL will be written in a manner which encourages fair and open competition.

We will respect and maintain the confidentiality of information provided to us by small businesses.

Reporting of standards

Results of how we perform against our standards are published in the SAPOL Annual Report each year.

A quarterly report is produced for the Department of Treasury and Finance about SAPOL performance against repayment schedules.

View Department of Treasury and Finance reports


Our Small Business Charter is reviewed regularly. If you have a complaint or compliment speak with the manager or relevant Officer in Charge.

Small business clients can write to the Commissioner of Police, Grant Stevens if your issue is unresolved.

Compliments can be addressed to the Commissioner.

Commissioner of Police
GPO Box 1539
Adelaide SA 5001
Email sapol.enquiries@police.sa.gov.au

Small Business Advocate

If you are not satisfied with our response to your concerns, you can refer the matter to the Office of the Small Business Advocate:

The Office of the Small Business Advocate is an independent organisation that negotiates with government agencies to resolve problems on behalf of small business.