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© South Australia Police, 2021

South Australia Police (SAPOL) supports and encourages the dissemination and exchange of information. SAPOL retains copyright in this website that is authored by or on behalf of SAPOL.

Unless otherwise noted in the 'materials excluded list' below, material on this website, including most publications, are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 Australia Licence (CC BY 4.0).

In some circumstances publications attached to the website may have another type of CC licence; this licence will over-ride the website licence.

Exclude material

  • material supplied by third parties including public submissions such as comments posted on Facebook
  • publications licensed under different Creative Commons terms
  • South Australia Government logo
  • South Australia Police logo
  • sa.gov.au logo
  • the website designs and coding
  • all images.

As far as practicable, material for which the copyright is owned by a third party will be clearly labelled as such. SAPOL has made all reasonable efforts to ensure that this material has been reproduced on this website with the full consent of the copyright owners.


If you use material from the SAPOL website there are certain obligations you must fulfil in relation to attributing material.

Any use of all or part of the material on this website must include the following attribution in relation to the material used:

© South Australia Police, [year published]

SAPOL material used 'as supplied'

Provided that you have not modified or transformed SAPOL material in any way including, for example by:

  • changing SAPOL text
  • calculating percentage changes
  • graphing or charting data
  • deriving new statistics from published SAPOL statistics

such material (including, but not restricted to, text and data) may be used provided the following attribution is cited:

Source: South Australia Police

Derivative material

If you have modified or transformed or derived new material from those of SAPOL in any way, the following attribution must be used:

Based on: South Australia Police material

In using SAPOL material you may not, in any way, suggest that SAPOL endorses your work.

Citing South Australia Police sources

Citing or referencing South Australia Police information is important for:

  • acknowledging the ideas, words or data of others
  • enabling others to find and use the original information.

Material will be cited differently depending on the referencing style you have chosen but SAPOL does request that any web resources cited must include in the reference list or bibliography:

  • 'South Australia Police' as the author/source, the title and date of the material (year of creation or publication)
  • complete URLs as well as the dates the material was viewed; it is easiest to cut and paste URLs directly from your web browser into a citation.

Webpage example

South Australia Police, 2018, Child protection (webpage) viewed 15 September 2018, <insert the URL here>

2018 refers to the date of the webpage found in the footer.

Example of online publications

South Australia Police, 2018, South Australia Police Annual Report 2017-18 viewed 27 September 2018, <insert the URL here>

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