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NOTE: A review of all expiation notices that form the batch of notices referred to in the media recently (concerning the Lidar detection device) has been conducted.

SAPOL maintains that the Lidar speed detection devices are accurate. 

As such, expiation notices issued as a result of a Lidar detection device are to stand as Section 16 of Expiation of Offences Act 1996 does not empower the Issuing Authority (SAPOL) to withdraw a notice in these circumstances.

If you have an expiation notice as a result of a Lidar detection, you have the option of paying the notice or electing to be prosecuted:

1. Expiate the offence (pay the fine and lose demerit points);
2. Elect to be prosecuted.

Should you elect for prosecution to have the matter decided by a Court please follow the instructions on the notice.

As this is a complex matter, you may wish to seek legal advice or you can call Expiation Notice Branch to discuss these options on (08) 8463 4388.

Please note the email account is no longer in use.

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An expiation notice allows you to pay a fee instead of going through the court system.

Expiation notices can be issued by South Australia Police for:

  • exceeding the speed limit
  • failing to stop at a red light
  • having an unregistered vehicle
  • not having current third party insurance
  • general road traffic offences
  • other offences.

About expiations

Dealing with an expiation notice:

Payment options

Request a review

View traffic camera photos

How traffic cameras work

Questions about expiations


Phone (08) 8463 4388
Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm

Postal address
The Manager
Expiation Notice Branch
South Australia Police
GPO Box 2029
Adelaide SA 5001

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