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Apply for a police record check

A police record check provides a summary of your offender history in Australia.

It is usually requested by organisations as part of their recruitment process for staff and volunteers.

Police checks for volunteers who work with vulnerable groups are provided free of charge by South Australia Police to organisations who have a Volunteer Organisation Authorisation Number.

Police record checks are also called National Police Certificates (NPC's).

Department of Human Services (DHS) screening for working with children

Please note that SA legislation requires you to apply for a Working With Children Check through DHS if you are engaging in employment or volunteer work with children, with limited exceptions.

Screening checks by DHS involve a specific risk assessment pertinent to engaging with children. There is no such risk assessment with the National Police Certificate, which is simply a record of an applicant’s proven court outcome history.

It is recommended that applicants confirm the screening requirements of their role with their organisation.

If you require a DHS clearance, visit screening.sa.gov.au.

How to apply for a police check

Step 1: Complete an application form

Option 1: Complete a police check application form online then print it out. Download the application form, and refer to the Frequently Asked Questions.

NOTE: If you are having difficulty opening or filling out a PDF form we suggest you read these fillable forms tips.

Option 2: Download this application form and fill out by hand, or

Option 3: Get a form from your local police station and complete it by hand. Find your local police station

Step 2: Check your proof of identity

Check that you have 100 points of original identification

A list of what we accept is provided on the application form.

Step 3: Find out what fees you need to pay

View the current fees for police record checks (under Certificates)

Step 4: Get your application processed

Take your application to your local police station or a Justice of the Peace (JP).

Take your:

  • completed application form
  • 100 points of original identification
  • photocopies of 100 points of identification, for certification.

Ask a police officer or JP to:

  • witness your signature on your application form
  • certify your 100 points of identification
  • complete the authorisation section on your application form.

Step 5: Pay the application fee

Pay the application fee at a South Australian police station.

Your application will be processed within 15 working days from when it is received by the South Australia Police Information Release Unit.