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Volunteer organisation number

Police checks, also known as National Police Certificates (NPCs), for volunteers who work with vulnerable groups such as children, the aged or people with a disability are provided free of charge by South Australia Police. The scheme does not apply to paid employees of a volunteer organisation.

How to apply for a Volunteer Organisation Authorisation Number (VOAN)

Step 1: The organisation needs to check that they meet all of the following criteria:

  1. The services provided by the organisation involve volunteers who have:
    • regular one-on-one contact with vulnerable persons, and/or
    • access to personal records relating to vulnerable persons.
  2. Services provided by the organisation provide a charity or community service good.
  3. The organisation is not a member or affiliated club or association of a larger organisation. A VOAN will be provided to the central body only. For example, a VOAN issued by Netball SA would also be used by the Wudinna United Netball Club.
  4. The organisation has incorporated status.

Step 2: The organisation needs to:

  • complete the VOAN application form online.

Step 3: SAPOL will process the application and advise the organisation in writing if their application has been approved and if appropriate, issue them with an authorisation number.

Step 4: The organisation, once they have obtained their VOAN can submit volunteer police check applications to South Australia Police at no cost. The VOAN must be provided by all volunteers seeking a waiver of fees.

Step 5: Individual volunteers will need to apply for a police check application and have it endorsed by the volunteer organisation to substantiate their volunteer role.

VOAN Authorised Officers

The VOAN section on the consent page of the NPC application form, must be filled out and signed by an authorised VOAN officer.

Step 1: The organisation can nominate or change officers to authorise NPCs.

  • complete the Nominate or change officers for a VOAN form online.


Information Services Branch
Information Release Unit

Phone 7322 3347
Make an enquiry online

Postal address:
Information Services Branch
Information Release Unit
South Australia Police
GPO Box 1539
Adelaide SA 5001

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