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Firearms and weapons

The Firearms Branch issues licences for firearms and ammunition, approves and registers firearms and issues permits for prohibited weapons.

Amendments to the Firearms Act 2015 and proposed re-categorisation of lever action shotguns  
Lever action shotguns categorisation is being reviewed. Lever action shotguns are presently a category A firearm, irrespective of any magazine capacity. Under the proposed re-categorisation, those with a magazine capacity of 5 rounds or less will become a category B firearm. Those with a magazine capacity exceeding 5 rounds will become a category D firearm. Read more

Replacement of the firearms control system - changes to firearms licence fees
On 4 September 2018 the South Australia Government announced the 2018-19 State Budget which included replacement of the South Australia Police Firearms Control System, to be part funded by a 10% increase in regulated fees and charges under the Firearms Act 2015.  The 30-year-old database will be replaced with a contemporary communication and business processing system to improve service delivery to the community.  The changes to fees came into effect from 1 January 2019.  View the updated fees and charges

Firearms Amnesty
Do you have unwanted, unregistered or illegal firearms, firearm parts, mechanisms, fittings, prohibited firearm accessories, silencers or ammunition? You can hand these into a participating licensed firearms dealer or a police station for surrender or free registration under an ongoing General Amnesty in South Australia which is provided for in the new firearms legislation. Conditions apply. Read more.

Firearms licences

What is a firearm?

Under the Firearms Act 2015, a firearm is defined as a device:

  • designed to fire bullets, shot or other projectiles by means of burning propellant, compressed air or other gases; or
  • declared by the regulations to be a firearm
  • includes a receiver and any device which, if complete or in working order, would be a firearm.

This means devices that were previously not categorised as a firearm, such as deactivated and non-handheld firearms, are now captured under the Act. If you own such an item you will be required to obtain a licence and register it. Please see the Transitioning to the new legislation guide for further details.

Deactivating your firearm

The Deactivation of Your Firearm document contains information to assist you in the deactivation of your firearm. The purpose of deactivation is to render the firearm incapable of being returned to its original firing condition, but at the same time preserving its appearance. This may be so the firearm can be displayed. The document also contains information around firearms in ‘relic’ condition and the process in having them categorised as deactivated.

It is important to note, under the Firearms Act 2015 possession of a deactivated firearm requires a valid firearm licence and the deactivated firearm must be registered.

Regulated imitation firearms

An imitation firearm which includes items such as a child’s toy or novelty item (cigarette lighter), do not require registering in South Australia under firearms legislation.

However, a regulated imitation firearm is defined as a firearm and can only be possessed by a person who is licenced and has registered it correctly, otherwise penalties may apply.

Under the Firearms Regulations 2017, a regulated imitation firearm is defined as a device that:

a) can be adapted to function as a firearm with a moderate exercise of skill and effort; and

b) is constructed of material of sufficient strength to sustain the pressures of firing ammunition, paint-balls, airgun
pellets or other similar projectiles.

If you require further advice then please contact Firearms Branch.

Notification to the registrar

Individuals, health professionals, employers and firearms clubs must report any suspicions about a person's fitness to possess a firearm to the Registrar of Firearms.

The security of firearms is paramount for a safe South Australia. If you reasonably believe another person is not storing their firearms or ammunition correctly then you must report it to police.

If you are a license holder then you must give the Registrar written notice of a change of name or address or any other detail recorded on the licence to avoid a fine.

Notify the Registrar

Lost or stolen firearms

Report a lost or stolen firearm to:

For further enquiries please contact SAPOL's Firearms Branch on:

Phone 7322 3346

To search if a firearm is stolen, enter the serial number in the below field and click search.

Serial Number:

Firearms Prohibition Orders Register

The Firearms Prohibition Orders Register lists people prohibited from coming into contact with firearms.

See the Firearms Act 2015 for a full list of conditions.

View the Firearms Prohibition Orders Register

Notify the Registrar of change of address (Firearms Prohibition Orders only)

Pursuant to Section 45 (15) Firearms Act (2015)
A person against whom a firearms prohibition order is in force must, within 7 days, give the Registrar written notice, in a form approved by the Registrar, of a change of his or her address.

Written notification can be either by e-mail to or post to the following address:

Firearms Branch
PO Box 1539
Adelaide 5001

Information is to include the person’s full name, previous address, new address and date that their address changed.