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Notify the registrar

1)  Individuals, medical practitioners, employers and firearms clubs must report to the Registrar of Firearms when they suspect that:

  • someone is suffering from a physical or mental illness or condition or disorder
  • there is a threat to the person's safety or the safety of another person
  • there is a risk associated with the person's possession or use of a firearm.

This applies to:

  • controlling bodies of recognised Firearms Clubs
  • medical practitioners
  • nurses
  • psychologists
  • professional counsellors
  • social workers
  • employers
  • people who reside at or have access to a premises in which a firearm is kept.

2)  If you are aware that a person is not storing their firearm, ammunition, sound moderator or restricted firearm mechanism as per the requirements of the legislation, then you must report it to the Registrar as soon as possible on the Report by Individual to the Registrar (PD486c)

Failure to make a report under points 1 or 2 may be an offence.

A person will incur no civil or criminal liability in making a report in good faith.

Making a report to the registrar

You must make the report as soon as possible after first becoming suspicious.

Medical notification to the Registrar of Firearms

Complete the Medical notification to the Registrar of Firearms form (PD486a) fillable forms tips

Club or employer report to Registrar of Firearms

Complete the Club or Employer Report to Registrar of Firearms (PD486b)

Report by individual to the Registrar of Firearms

Complete the Firearms Club notification to the Registrar of Firearms form (PD486c)

This is required under Regulations 92-94 of the Firearms Regulations 2017

There is no civil or criminal liability where a report is made in good faith.

Notify the Registrar of change of details

Firearms licence holders are reminded that within 14 days you must give the Registrar written notice of a change of name or address or any other detail recorded on the licence to avoid a fine:

  • Complete form PD310, print it out and send to South Australia Police, or
  • Use's new one-stop shop for updating your details - this can only be used for change of address or change of firearms storage address (other details will need to be updated using PD310).

Firearms Prohibition Orders

Pursuant to Section 45 (15) Firearms Act (2015)
A person against whom a firearms prohibition order is in force must, within 7 days, give the Registrar written notice, in a form approved by the Registrar, of a change of his or her address.

Written notification can be either by e-mail to or post to the following address:

Firearms Branch
PO Box 1539
Adelaide 5001

Information is to include the person’s full name, previous address, new address and date that their address changed.