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Register a firearm

Before being able to possess a firearm in South Australia, it must first be registered.

You must hold a current South Australian firearms licence to register a firearm in South Australia. Firearms licence holders are reminded that within 14 days you must give the Registrar written notice of a change of name or address or any other detail recorded on the licence to avoid a fine.

Find out how to notify the Registrar

Firearms Amnesty
Do you have unwanted, unregistered or illegal firearms, firearm parts, mechanisms, fittings, prohibited firearm accessories, silencers or ammunition? You can hand these into a participating licensed firearms dealer or a police station for surrender or free registration under an ongoing General Amnesty in South Australia which is provided for in the new firearms legislation. Conditions apply. Read more.

How do I register a firearm?

Step 1: Complete an application form

Complete an application for a permit to acquire a firearm PD306 - (fillable forms tips)


  • your details
  • details of the current firearms owner
  • details of the firearm
  • the genuine need for acquiring the firearm.

Under Section 23(3)(d) of the Firearms Act 2015, the Registrar may refuse an application to acquire a firearm if the Registrar is not satisfied you have a genuine reason to acquire the firearm, and a genuine need for the firearm which cannot be met by a firearm already in your possession.

The PD306 form requests this information. If further clarification is required, then Adjudication staff will contact you in the first instance.

Step 2: Submit your application

Submit your application to the Firearms Branch

What happens after I apply?

Step 3: Assessment and processing

We assess and process your application.

In some cases there may be a mandatory 28 day cooling off period.

Step 4: Approval

We return your application form PD306 with the 'approval details' completed by the Firearms Branch - (fillable forms tips).

Step 5 Transfer the firearm

Transfer the firearm from the current owner to you.

The transfer must be witnessed by a prescribed person, namely:

  • an authorised officer of a recognised firearms club
  • a licenced firearms dealer or dealer's employee
  • a police officer
  • an authorised Public Service employee.

The witness must complete the 'witness to transfer' section of your application form.

Step 6: Apply for registration

Within 14 days of taking possession of the firearm, you must attend your local police station and take the:

Step 7: Issuing a registration certificate

The Firearms Branch issues a registration certificate.