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Clubs and associations

Firearms clubs and associations must ensure that people shooting on their grounds hold a relevant firearms license or are supervised.

New members

Membership of a club must not be granted unless the applicant has produced to the club:

  • A firearms licence held by the applicant; or
  • A notice issued by the Registrar under Regulation 28 to the applicant within the preceding 60 days; or
  • A notice issued by the Registrar within the preceding 60 days, stating the applicant is a fit and proper person to be granted membership.

Certificates of the Registrar are issued by the Firearms Branch.

This is required under Regulation 74 of the Firearms Regulations 2017.

Mandatory reporting to police

  1. If the controlling body of a shooting club has reasonable cause to suspect:
    1. a member of the club is suffering from a physical or mental illness, condition or disorder
    2. there is a threat to the person's safety or the safety of another person
    3. there is a risk associated with the person's possession or use of a firearm.
  1. Members and employees of recognised firearms clubs, paint-ball operators and commercial range operators must report to the police as soon as possible if they suspect that a person subject to a Firearms Prohibition Order has gained or tried to gain access to the grounds of the firearms club or range.

There is no civil or criminal liability where making a report in good faith.

See Regulation 94 of the Firearms Regulations 2017 on the South Australian Legislation website.

Record keeping

Clubs and associations must keep accurate records of its members including:

  • compliance with Regulation 74
  • record of participation in activities of the club that involve the shooting of firearms
  • attendance at club meetings.

Refer to Regulation 75 of the Firearms Regulations 2017 on the South Australian Legislation website for a full list of details.


A club must ensure that any visitors to the club are not:

  • suspended from holding a firearms licence
  • the holder of a cancelled licence
  • prohibited from possessing a firearm by an order of a court or firearms prohibition order
  • incapable of exercising effective control of a firearm due to being intoxicated by drink or drugs.

Visitors may use a category A, B or H firearm whilst under supervision.