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Neighbourhood Watch South Australia, through its unique partnership with South Australia Police, provides SA residents with a means to raise awareness about safety in their community.

The vision of Neighbourhood Watch SA is a safe and connected community.  We bring neighbours and police together to solve local issues, and help create connected communities where crime is less likely to happen.

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Neighbourhood Watch has local groups throughout South Australia, working together to solve issues, prevent crime and build safer streets. With each neighbourhood having unique needs, the activities groups undertake are varied and led by members of the local community.

Community participation and a shared responsibility for what is happening in the local neighbourhood can be vital to feelings of safety. By connecting with neighbours and SA Police, we can share important information that will help make the community a safer place.

If you’d like to help your neighbourhood be a safer community, get involved today, you can do this by either emailing SAPOL's State Community Engagement Section - Neighbourhood Watch SA here or go to finding your nearest Neighbourhood Watch Area below:

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What we do

What we do

An overview of our mission and crime prevention activities


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