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Get Involved

If you want to join a Neighbourhood Watch group why not start by going along to your nearest group’s next meeting?  You can get in contact with the Area Coordinator, or just turn up.

Neighbourhood Watch meetings are public and everyone is welcome.  Attending a meeting is a great way to meet your local members and find out what Neighbourhood Watch is all about.

Find your nearest group and:

  • find out the date and time of their next meeting
  • get the name and contact details of the local Area Coordinator.

Joining a group

Whether you're looking to volunteer regularly, or get involved just once a year, Neighbourhood Watch SA and SAPOL have plenty of opportunities for you to help build a safer South Australia.

Delivering newsletters

By becoming a Neighbourhood Watch supporter you’ll be able to help educate and inform your local community about local crime issues and how to avoid becoming a victim of crime by delivering Neighbourhood Watch newsletters to local homes.

Complete a Neighbourhood Watch Supporter application form to start supporting your local community.

Why Join?

Getting more involved

Becoming a member of the Police Volunteer Program opens up many more volunteering opportunities within Neighbourhood Watch including:

  • becoming an office bearer for your local group eg act as your group’s Area Coordinator, Treasurer, Secretary or Newsletter Editor
  • participating in your group’s events, such as:
    • fund raising
    • community clean-ups
    • graffiti removal
    • numbered kerb marking
  • taking on higher management positions eg State Councillors and members of the Board of Management.

Contact your local police station and speak to a Local Volunteer Coordinator to apply.

Why Join?

Starting a new group

If there isn’t a Neighbourhood Watch group in your area and you’re interested in starting one, contact the Neighbourhood Watch team at SAPOL’s Community Engagement Section:

You’ll get assistance from local police to gather community support to help ensure the group’s success.

Getting our news

You can keep up-to-date with Neighbourhood Watch by:

  • following NeighbourhoodWatchSA on Facebook
  • subscribing to the Neighbourhood Watch News mailing list to receive the latest news straight to your inbox (look for the green Neighbourhood Watch News banner at the end of this page)
  • checking out the latest issue of the Neighbourhood Watch SA magazine.

Be sure to like our NeighbourhoodWatchSA Facebook posts.