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Staying Active in Lockdown

As we spend more time at home to stop the spread of COVID-19, it’s easy to forget our daily activity routine. We’re no longer getting incidental exercise from commuting or running errands, and some of us are doing less to engage our minds. But it’s especially important to stay active during this time, for both our physical and mental health.

To help you during this period, here are some activity ideas to keep you going:

  • Go for a walk or run - with the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions you can still leave your home and go for a walk or run (only with people you reside with or on your own) for 90 mins per day, within a 2.5km radius of your home.  Exercise does wonders to combat boredom and gets all the good endorphins running through your body. While on your walk or run give fellow exercisers a wave (from a safe distance), you may be the only person they communicate with in the day!
  • Message or call a friend - life gets busy and the pandemic has really changed the way we live. Take this opportunity to reconnect with old friends and check up on them.
  • Do some gardening - it’s good to go outdoors and get some fresh air (in between the downpours). While gardening, check to see if your bushes or trees need pruning, doing this can reduce hiding spots for intruders. You can find more home security tips here.
  • Consider volunteering or joining a local community group - although we’re now spending more time at home there’s still plenty of online volunteering opportunities out there. You could even join your local NHW group and see what online activities they’re running. If you have an idea and need some support to make it happen, consult with your local NHW group, they may have some proactive volunteers looking for more to do in the community. Find your local NHW group here. If you can’t find a group local to you, you should consider starting one. For more information about starting your own group click here.
  • Do some DIY - there’s always that one job you’ve been putting off for a while and sometimes the hardest part of a task is actually just getting it started. So get over that hurdle and let rip, it will be finished before you know it. If you enjoy DIY then no worries, stop reading and go, go, go! And don’t forget, if you need any extra tools or equipment, you can easily order them online.
  • Indoor physical activity - even if you don’t have specialised equipment, there’s still plenty you can do. You can use filled water bottles, cans, or jars as makeshift weights or (if you have them) run up and down the stairs a couple of times. Lost for inspiration? Try a quick search online, there’s plenty of free exercise videos to follow!
  • Video call your friends or family - you’d be surprised at what you can get up to on a video call – quizzes, dinner dates, board games and group exercise. It’s important to stay connected to your loved ones.
  • Do some baking - some people say baking can be really therapeutic. Why not give it a go and see how you feel? If you don’t enjoy it, at least you’ll have some delicious goodies to eat after! It’s a win, win.
  • Set up a makeshift crazy golf course - toilet roll tubes, balls, some makeshift obstacles, and something to hit your balls with and there you have it, your crazy golf course is ready to go.

We know staying motivated can be a challenge at times. Things that might help you keep on track include:

  • Finding activities you enjoy doing.
  • Varying your activities to keep them interesting.
  • Setting achievable goals.
  • Setting a routine and planning your day to include time for activity.
  • Monitoring your activity and progress.
  • Getting the support of your family and friends.

If you’re interested in joining the Neighbourhood Watch SA find your nearest group here and get in touch! If you can’t find a group local to you, you should consider starting one. For more information about starting your own group click here.

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