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New issue of Blueprint out now

The latest issue of the SA Police Blueprint magazine is out now!  The new issue is available online via the Issuu website.

This issue includes a range of stories focusing on the hard work and dedication of individuals, the feats and triumphs of teams and the projects and initiatives that are shaping SA Police. In this issue you can read about the following:

  • Senior Constable First Class (SC1C) Ashwin Menon's amazing career journey from the corporate world to policing.
  • The close working relationship and unbreakable bond between police dogs and their handlers.
  • An in-depth look into SA Police's pivotal role in Operation Ironside – an unprecedented global policing operation targeting organised crime.
  • A case study focusing on the manslaughter of Robert Sabeckis – a well-known cold case solved by the relentless investigative work of SA Police's Major Crime Investigation Branch.
  • SC1C Chloe Thompson's participation in the arduous Epic Impact Bike Challenge to support at-risk youth.
  • SA Police's recently acquired policing assets – Polair 53 helicopter, Police Launch 2, jet skis, all-terrain vehicles, e-scooters, and electric vehicles.
  • The invaluable role of Gentle Bears during emotional and traumatic situations.
  • A reflection on the life of the popular and highly respected late Senior Community Constable Bradley Amos.
  • The success of hard-hitting and thought-provoking road safety campaigns launched by SA Police's Media Road Safety Unit.
  • SA Police's crucial role in a successful suicide postvention program
  • The impact of new vehicle impounding legislation on reckless road users.
  • Senior Constable First Class Mick Klose's 2021 Police Officer of the Year accolade.
  • The strong, collaborative working relationship between SA Police and the South Australian State Emergency Service.
  • A look back on the history of Dog Operations Unit which is now encapsulated in a display at the South Australian Police Historical Society's museum at Thebarton Barracks.