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NHW SA's new fridge magnet

Sometimes South Australian emergency services who attend your house to provide assistance may need to contact your next of kin or doctor/general practitioner to obtain instant and relevant details about you.

The new Safety and Assistance Fridge Magnet aims to support in these scenarios. The magnet is double sided - on the front there is SAPOL related telephone numbers (Triple Zero, the Police Assistance Line and Crime Stoppers) and a brief explanation of when those numbers should be called. Also included is the Emergency+ app logo to act as a timely reminder for mobile phone users to download the app.On the back of the magnet there is space for you to record your next of kin (NOK) and doctor/general practitioner (GP) details in the event of personal emergency.

You can pick up your fridge magnet by attending the front counter of your local police station or enquiring through your local Neighbourhood Watch SA group. Find your closest group here: https://www.police.sa.gov.au/nhw/home

Be sure to clearly write your personal information on the rear of the fridge magnet and stick it onto your fridge. In an event of an emergency, this information could save you, SA Police, South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service and/or the SA Ambulance Service valuable time.