Safer Internet Day

Most of us have heard of the three Rs – the traditional skills of reading, writing and arithmetic – but do you know what the 4Rs are when we talk about online safety?

There are four critical skills – Respect, Responsibility, Reasoning and Resilience - for navigating the online world safely.  On Tuesday, 5 February the annual Safer Internet Day aims to raise awareness about internet safety and the 4Rs, promote the positive role of digital technology and explore ways we can all contribute to creating a better, safer internet.

Coordinated by the Office of the eSafety Commissioner in Australia and celebrated in over 130 countries, Safer Internet Day empowers individuals and communities with tools for more positive online experiences.

This year’s theme – ‘Together for a better internet' – encourages individuals to navigate the online world safely by developing these four critical skills:

Respect: I treat myself and others the way I like to be treated

Responsibility:  I am accountable for my actions and I take a stand when I feel something is wrong

Reasoning: I question what is real

Resilience: I get back up from tough situations

Phil Tavender, President of Neighbourhood Watch SA welcomed this initiative.

“So many people are now using the internet to do business, and even just communicate on a daily basis, therefore internet safety is a really important concept to promote within the wider community, including among the Neighbourhood Watch volunteer community who I represent,” he said.

“Neighbourhood Watch partner with SA Police to address crime issues and this includes helping the wider community understand how they can keep safe not just on the streets but online too. I think the Safer Internet Day and SAPOL’s guidance and information in relation to keeping safe online is essential community information and I have been encouraging Neighbourhood Watch groups to include it in their newsletters or to have meetings or events focusing on this important topic, ”Mr Tavender said.


  • Adults: Find helpful resources on SAPOL’s Scams and Cybercrime page including cyber safety information and tips that you can download, print or share online like information on protecting your privacy, identity theft, scams, tap and go and shopping online.
  • Youth: Find the Think about it section on SAPOL’s Safety and security page to find info and tips that you can download, print or share online including information on cyber safety tips, how to avoid avoid ‘online sharks’ and sexting – think before you send.
  • Sign-up to SA Police News or Scamwatch to get alerts of current scams and help protect yourself.
  • Report cybercrime (scams, hacking, fraud, identity theft, etc) online to the Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network (ACORN)
  • Report offensive and illegal content, image abuse and online bullying via the Office of eSafety Commissioner website
  • Talk to family, friends and others in your community about cyber safety and spread the message. Think about the 4Rs, which is the most important to you and why. Use #SID2019 or #SaferInternetDay on social media posts in support of the day.
  • To find out more about Safer Internet Day 2019 and other ways to get involved go to:

Phil Tavender and Sergeant Phil Gurr with their Safer Internet Day Pledge Boards