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Stirling North Paint by House Numbers

Stirling North NHW group and SA Police were recently in action, painting house numbers on the kerbs of Progress and Kanyaka Avenues.

Helping the local community and emergency services by ensuring they can quickly identify houses in critical moments, the kerb numbers had been starting to fade and so the proactive NHW group decided they needed a loving repaint.

The group reached out to the local Port Augusta Police to ask for some assistance and Probationary Constable Rhiannon Ireland saw the benefit in providing support, quickly mobilising extra volunteers to help carry out the task.

Everyone came together on Sunday 22 May to get painting and thanks to all the volunteers’ hard work, they finished the job in a couple of hours.

PC Ireland was very thankful to the group and admired their proactive attitude.

“The group have been most welcoming and supportive with the project. They have been passionate to ensure it happens and helpful with gathering resources such as stencils and paint,” PC Ireland said.

The Stirling North NHW group has been running for 31 years, carrying out various projects like this in the local community.

Marty Seymour, Stirling North NHW Area Coordinator is keen for more local people to join in the action.

“We would welcome new volunteers with open arms. We’re always trying to think of new ideas for Stirling North - how we can make it safer and more connected. If you’re interested in helping us, please join us at our next meeting.”

The Stirling North group meets at 7:30pm on the last Tuesday of every month at the Stirling North Progress Association Hall. Find out more about the group here: https://www.police.sa.gov.au/nhw/home/local-information/stirling-north.

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