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Firearms licences now available on mySA GOV app

From today, firearms licence holders will be able to view their licences digitally on the mySA GOV app. Members of the public can currently access driver's licences, proof of age, and boat licences and a number of other licences and digital passes on the app.

Firearm licencees will be able to view their valid licences i.e. individual, dealer and collector under the same account.

There are also a number of other security features on the app. Firearms licences can be validated by another app user by scanning the barcode (the same functionality as offered by drivers and other licences). This will be a particularly useful feature for firearm dealers to perform with licensees.

The standard mySA GOV security feature of "shaking" the phone to show an overlay of the date and time over the licence photo is also available which verifies that the user is displaying the licence through the app rather than a screenshot.

In addition, the app is encrypted and protected by a mandatory PIN with optional fingerprint security making it a secure and convenient feature for firearms licencees.

Those with a valid firearms licence will be able to add their licence to the app. Additionally, if an existing licence that a user has added already to the app is suspended or cancelled an error message will appear on the bottom of the licence. This will ensure that the barcode cannot be validated.

Officer in Charge Firearms Branch, Superintendent Billy Thompson says this additional feature on the mySA GOV app has been through a user testing experience to determine that the feature is simple to use and he is confident that this provides an extra layer of protection and convenience for the handling and storing of licences.

“Physical firearms licences will still be issued, however digital firearms licences will now be another means of providing evidence of firearms licence status.

"The mySA GOV app provides a secure and easy platform to store licence information online. It also allows for real-time information so any changes to a licence will be reflected on the digital version the next time the user accesses the app,” Superintendent Thompson said.

Superintendent Thompson also said that the new feature will assist police and other authorised officers when validating firearms licences: "The quick and easy nature of the app means that firearms licensees will be able to quickly and conveniently provide evidence of the legitimacy of their firearms licence".

For more information about the mySA GOV app and digital licences please visit www.sa.gov.au/mysagov and digital licences. For more information in relation to Firearms Licences please visit SAPOL’s Firearms and weapons webpage.