New trainees at the Academy

This week SAPOL welcomed 15 new Protective Security Officer (PSO) trainees at the Police Academy for the Protective Security Officer Qualification Program - 12 will join the Physical Security Section (PSS) and three are pursuing a career at the Security Control Centre (SCC).

They will undergo a nine-week training course that includes communication, teamwork, equity and diversity, law, authorities, terrorism, operational equipment and safety.  SCC trainees will complete six weeks of the program in their workplace before returning to the Academy to graduate.

The PSS and SCC roles are unique.

Physical Security Section

PSOs work on school patrols that provide a visible presence by physically checking school premises and responding to security breaches and alarm activations.  They also work at designated SA Government buildings where they are the first response to security related incidents including emergency evacuations, security breaches and alarm activations.

Security Control Centre

PSOs in the SCC monitor SA Government agency alarm systems and CCTV within the CBD and major transport corridors.  They dispatch security patrols and coordinate an appropriate response to detected incidents. The role can be exciting and requires attention to detail, excellent situational awareness and the ability to critically observe, monitor and action situations that may affect public safety.

SAPOL is now recruiting for the next PSO Qualification Program. We are looking for males, females, indigenous, people with diverse backgrounds, youth and mature applicants. Most importantly, we’re looking for people who are dependable, honest and are motivated to work independently or as part of a team. So if you, or someone you know, is community minded, of excellent character, highly motivated with strong communication skills and a cool head in stressful situations then Police Security Services Branch (PSSB) wants to hear from them.

Learn more about this alternative career path with SAPOL.

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