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Recruiting now
SA Police is currently recruiting police officers and police security officers. Watch our latest recruiting video or our latest PSO video

The Police Security Officer Qualification Program (PSOQP) is a comprehensive 13 week course conducted at the Police Academy, immediately following graduation a further 2 weeks of training occurs. You will receive training in:

  • law and evidence
  • communication
  • ethics and integrity
  • authorities pursuant to the Police Act 1998
  • driver training
  • firearms training, OC spray, batons and defensive tactics.
  • Custody management

NOTE: The following videos were filmed prior to PSOs transitioning to the dark blue uniform in 2019.

Watch the video below to follow Sarah, Ranjeet and James through the Police Security Officers Qualification Program – hear what motivated them to join, learn about what the job entails, get a glimpse of the training they went through and see them graduate.

Alternatively, watch this snapshot of  Sarah and Ranjeet, as they go through the PSOQP before graduating in May to join the ranks of SA Police.

The Police Academy is a state of the art teaching facility that was opened in 2011. It has extensive computer, classroom and physical training facilities, a scenario village and is located adjacent to the beach. We provide you with all the tools to chart your progress towards your goal through regular practical assessments, exams and feedback. You will be required to attend training on a full-time basis Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5.00pm.

Once you have successfully completed the 13 week qualification program you may be offered a 12 month contract of employment. Within this contract there will be a 6 month probation period. During this initial 12 months you must complete competencies contained within a Personal Learning Portfolio (PLP). The PLP will focus on operational safety, authorities, day to day duties and will enhance your self-development.

Our team members remain in constant contact using the latest technologies, such as the South Australian Government Radio Network, mobile data terminals and GPS tracking in our patrol vehicles.