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You Belong in Blue

South Australia Police’s recruitment marketing campaign, ‘You Belong in Blue’ will assist efforts to grow the pool of home-grown South Australian applicants for the roles of police cadet or Police Security Officer (PSO).

'You Belong in Blue' embraces the teamwork, camaraderie, and the support of the policing community, fostering a sense of belonging and unity.

The campaign’s compelling visuals convey that your individual identity comprises various elements: skills, personality, interests, and values. When you channel these unique traits into a career, it becomes truly fulfilling – providing a sense of purpose. With the affirmation that 'You Belong in Blue,' it communicates that a policing career celebrates and strengthens your true self, allowing you to be your best version.

The campaign will be visible across the state on billboards; bus shelter; buses and trams; and other outdoor placements. Prominent media will be across regional radio; print media articles; and the proactive use of various state-wide digital and social media platforms. The campaign will also feature a TV commercial across metro and regional screens later this year.

Read the media release from the campaign launch.

Meet our people - find out more about the police officers and police security officers who star in the campaign.

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Speaker 1, Jessica Lynch, Director, South Australia Police:

SAPOL has committed to recruiting over 900 police cadets and 189 police security officers over the next three years.

The team at Nation presented a creative concept that really spoke to the vision we were looking for this campaign. It really speaks to the values and characteristics that we wanted to promote, but it also, I think, brings a more human element to our organisation and the people that are critical to our success.

Speaker 2, Nick Brz, Creative Director, Nation:

Well the core of the idea behind that was to really hone in on those, I guess, intrinsic motivations and personality traits behind people that might be good potential candidates for recruits. And so really focusing on a sense of belonging and the idea of being maybe pose the image of someone seeing a better version of themselves and see themselves as a police officer.

Speaker 1:

A key thing that we were really attracted to was the idea of using our own staff to help tell that story.

Speaker 2:

It's been wonderful, actually. To see the diversity across the candidates. And we're obviously trying to showcase roles that are available, and just being able to and talk to them, get to know them and really see that human side of them has been fantastic. And I think it will give a real richness to the campaign past what we might see on the poster or on TV.

Speaker 1:

We really liked the tagline You Belong in Blue, because it invited people to see themselves in a policing career and we felt that it spoke really strongly to the sense of teamwork and camaraderie that you find in South Australia Police.