Do you have the drive to make a difference but think you don’t have the necessary life experience to be a police officer?

If you’re a graduate or a school leaver, we understand that you might not have the same level of experience as our other candidates. At SA Police, we’ll instead look at your strength of character, integrity and potential for growth.

Best of all, if you achieved an ATAR (Australia Tertiary Admissions Rank) of 70 or more or you’ve completed a bachelor's degree (or higher) at a university (recognised as a provider under the Australian Qualifications Framework), you won’t be required to complete the SA Police Recruitment Test before submitting your application.

As a cadet, you’ll receive generous pay during your training, and your tertiary qualifications may qualify you for an additional pay increase upon appointment as a constable. You’ll also have the opportunity to work alongside and receive mentorship from highly skilled professionals; they can assist you with further study, help with training, and provide regular performance feedback.

Every day deserves excitement. Register for a seminar to learn more or apply now to embark on a challenging career as an officer with SA Police.