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Working as a Community Constable

A career as a community constable with SA Police means you’ll be performing an extremely challenging yet uniquely rewarding role. You’ll have the opportunity to gain the respect and support of local First Nations communities or diverse culture communities and make a lasting and significant contribution to their daily lives.

Working at various urban and regional locations throughout South Australia, you’ll use your understanding of the cultural and social issues within the community to bridge the gap between communities and local policing.

You’ll be a strong and active leader, and be involved in running a wide range of programs to address the key issues affecting your local community. Through your work, you’ll make a positive contribution not only to the local people, but also to the police officers you work alongside.


If we offer you a role as a community constable with SA Police, you’ll undertake an eighteen week, full-time, paid training course at our academy.

Following graduation, you’ll receive a generous salary and have opportunities for growth, further development and increased responsibilities. After three years, you’ll be able to apply to be a senior community constable. We outline our salary structure for community constables below:

Rank increment rangeAnnual salary
Community Constable (one to three years)$77,128 to $82,172
Senior Community Constable (one to four years)$84,693 to $92,259
Senior Community Constable First Class (one to four years)$92,720 to $100,793

IWORKFOR.SA.gov.au, the State Government's jobs board, also features two of our community constables. Watch Community Constable Jemal's short video or read Community Constable Matthew's story

Not everybody has what it takes to be a community constable. You need to be an honest and respected leader with a strong understanding of your local people.

To learn more about the entry requirements for applying as a community constable with SA Police, contact our First Nations Employee and Community Constable Coordinator on 7322 4139.

Or apply now for the chance to make a real difference in your community.