Recruitment process

Looking for the fitness test video? Click on the Physical and agility testing heading below. Please note the test must now be completed in under 2 minutes 30 seconds to be competitive.

Although a career in policing can be rewarding, it can also be tough. To meet the challenging demands of the job, you need to embody the values and potential that’s necessary to succeed as a police officer.

Once you’ve determined that you meet our eligibility criteria and submitted your application, you’ll undergo a rigorous recruitment process that aims to determine whether you’re right for the job.

Please note that before submitting your application, you may need to sit and successfully complete the South Australia Police (SA Police) Recruitment Test. Our quick self-assessment checklist can help you confirm your eligibility.

Evaluation and testing

We will evaluate your application to ensure you meet SA Police’s eligibility criteria. If you do, we’ll invite you to attend an evaluation and testing session at our police headquarters (100 Angas St, Adelaide).

These sessions usually take place on Mondays from 8:30am to 2:30pm and include completing an IQ test and a personality profile.

Panel interview

After evaluation of your testing, we may invite you to attend a panel interview. This interview is your opportunity to demonstrate the necessary qualities and qualifications to succeed in a career as a police officer, such as:

  • leadership
  • decisiveness
  • problem-solving
  • stress management
  • integrity
  • courage
  • respect.

To help assess your personal values, beliefs and attitudes, we’ll ask about and draw on examples from your education, workplaces, social interaction, community interests, and general life experience.

Medical examination

To participate in academy training and police duties, you need to meet required medical standards. Our Police Medical Section will conduct a medical examination to ensure you meet these standards.

Read more about our medical standards

Computer testing

Before joining SA Police, all recruit applicants need to have basic computing skills to enable them to effectively produce computer-based documentation.

You will need the following computing competencies (PDF, 98kb). You should have a good working knowledge of the basic functions of Microsoft Windows 7, word processing and have a typing speed of at least 26 words per minute with 96% accuracy.

To prepare for our testing, complete our sample test (DOC, 37kb) and compare your results with our completed test (PDF, 78kb).

Our marking guide (PDF, 57kb) provides an understanding of how we grade this test.

(Please note that this test is not required if you have already completed the typing / computer competencies as part of the SA Police Recruitment Test, conducted by TAFE SA)

Physical and agility testing

To carry out policing duties, you must complete our ‘fit for duty’ fitness test. As part of this test, you’ll wear a 10kg vest and complete the following exercises:

  • run 80 metres
  • run 25 metres carrying two 15kg weights
  • cross a slippery balance beam
  • do 20 step-ups
  • climb over a one-metre-tall fence
  • drop to the ground and stand up five times
  • collect a training firearm and pull the trigger 13 times with each hand.

At the start of the test, we’ll give you five physical characteristics to remember (for example, gender or hair colour), and you’ll need to recall at least three of these once you’ve finished.

The test is challenging, so it’s best to start a gradual cardiovascular exercise program in preparation. To be competitive, you need to complete the test in less than two minutes and thirty seconds. Police cadets must also achieve this level to graduate from academy training and the Constable Development Program.

Check out our fit for duty test in action below to see what’s involved.


Our selection board will carefully review your application and will make a decision regarding an offer of employment based on the results of your testing and evaluation during the recruitment process. If the board selects you, we will contact you and provide all the information about when your training will begin.

Please note that successful completion of all tests does not guarantee selection.

Country and interstate applicants

We understand that, due to geographical restrictions, interstate applicants and those living in regional South Australia may have difficulty attending our standard testing program.

Once we accept your application, we’ll instead invite you to a five-day recruitment event that takes place at our police headquarters. You’ll begin with the entrance exam on Monday morning and complete all other required testing and evaluations over the next five days.

TAFE testing is available in some regional areas. If you cannot complete the SA Police Recruitment Test, due to your location or if you have any other questions regarding the recruitment process, please contact our Recruiting Section.