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SAPOL kicking goals with new recruiting campaign

23 Sep 2023 7:19am

Today South Australia Police (SAPOL) launches the new ‘You Belong in Blue’ recruit advertising campaign, promoting SAPOL’s critical goal to boost cadet recruit numbers.

Commissioner of Police Grant Stevens will showcase SAPOL’s new recruit advertising campaign using the platform of the ongoing partnership with the Adelaide Footy League at their A1 Men’s Grand Final today.

The Grand Final is being played at the Norwood Oval and will be hotly contested between the Glenunga Rams and Prince Alfred Old Collegians for the senior men’s football premiership.

The Adelaide Footy League has been working with SAPOL during the year to help promote policing as a career of choice as there are distinct similarities between the two in areas such as team work, leadership and resilience.

Commissioner Grant Stevens said SAPOL’s new recruitment campaign uses actual every day police officers. What you see on billboards; promoted on buses or trams; or even on the side of the SAPOL recruiting van, are images of our own people reflecting our current diverse workforce.

The ‘You Belong in Blue’ tag line reflects the extremely well known nexus between policing and the colour blue used significantly across Australia and overseas. Even though there are some khaki uniforms in remote regional areas; every police cadet and every police security officer commences their careers in blue.

Quotes attributable to Commissioner Grant Stevens

This year 157 new police officers have graduated from the Police Academy, boosting our numbers. However, we still want to attract more police and police security officers to join our team.

This campaign showcases the powerful focus on the personal values and the relationship between everyday life and that of being a police officer – who are an intrinsic part of the community – not apart from it.

Being part of SAPOL means belonging within a community.  Our officers are ordinary people doing an extraordinary job. 

We have doubled the amount of recruit courses at the South Australia Police Academy and are encouraging anyone who can see themselves with a career in SAPOL to apply now.

Quotes attributable to Joe Szakacs

The ‘You Belong in Blue’ campaign was driven by a strong desire from SAPOL to attract recruits from all walks of life.

The Malinauskas Government’s $94 million investment in SAPOL directly illustrates the priority we give to law and order, and ensuring all South Australians are safe and represented by a strong and capable police force.

This new campaign supports the government’s aim to improve the way we find and train new police officers to meet operational demand.

There are more than 40 different career options as a person progresses through their policing career, and I encourage those sitting on the fence to take the leap of faith and apply now.

Quotes attributable to Adelaide Footy League CEO John Kernahan

We are privileged to be an integral part of helping today to launch SAPOL’s new recruiting marketing campaign. It is fantastic that we can do this on one of our biggest days of the year where around 3,000 people are likely to attend today’s games.

Our partnership with SAPOL is continuing to grow and this is just another example of the ongoing initiatives both organisations are implementing.