Protective Security Officer Careers

Recruiting now
SA Police is currently recruiting police officers and protective security officers. Watch our latest recruiting video or our latest PSO video

Are you looking for the opportunity to contribute to the safety of your community?

Apply for a career as a protective security officer with SA Police, and you could play a critical role in the security of our state.

Protective security officers contribute to South Australia’s counter terrorism strategies and community safety. In this role, your primary function is to maintain the security of government facilities, public officials and the community through:

  • electronic surveillance by monitoring alarms and CCTV systems
  • mobile security patrols of government facilities
  • static guard services at government buildings.

This interesting and highly challenging role requires unique skills and abilities. You’ll need to meet SA Police’s eligibility criteria and undergo a rigorous recruitment process  to determine whether you’re right for the job. If we offer you a role, you’ll attend our police academy, where you’ll receive training in law and procedure, communications and operational safety.

Once you finish at the academy, you’ll begin your duties as a protective security officer and become a vital part of the network that continues to keep our community safe.

NOTE: The following videos were filmed prior to PSOs transitioning to the dark blue uniform in 2019.

Watch this video to get a glimpse of what PSOs do.

Follow Sarah, Ranjeet and James through the nine-week Protective Security Officers Qualification Program – hear what motivated them to join, learn about what the job entails, get a glimpse of the training they went through and see them graduate.

Alternatively, watch this snapshot below of  Sarah and Ranjeet, as they go through the PSO training program before graduating in May to join the ranks of SA Police.

Watch this video to hear Sarah, Ranjeet and James discuss their challenging, rewarding and diverse roles as Protective Security Officers.

Hear Lisa’s experience as a protective security officer with SA Police in her testimonial video below. Download Lisa's video transcript