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Career progression and salaries

Some of the benefits of a career as a police officer with SA Police are the opportunity and job security that our structured career progression program offers. Outlined below are the career pathways available to our officers and the salaries offered for each rank.

Rank Increment Range Annual Salary
Junior Cadet (18-20 years)   $39,010
Cadet (21 years +)   $59,723
Probationary Constable   $69,674
Constable 1 to 7 $71,654 to $83,530
Senior Constable 1 to 6 $85,734 to $99,076
Senior Constable 1st Class 1 to 6 $85,734 to $101,744
Sergeant 1 to 5 $103,997 to $114,169
Senior Sergeant 1 to 5 $116,641 to $123,622
Inspector 1 to 3 $144,039 to $157,021
Chief inspector   $161,988
Superintendent 1 to 3 $163,488 to $177,008          
Chief Superintendent   $183,839          

The above rates are valid as of 1 January 2021. Shift allowances are paid in addition to normal salaries.

This structured framework allows us to support your career progression with SA Police, assisting you to qualify to the ranks of senior constable to superintendent. Your annual salary is based on your length of service, qualifications and achieved rank.

The Centre for Leader Development at the police academy provides integrated training programs for leadership, supervision and management, fostering your continuous learning and development.