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Employee benefits

Our employees work hard and we believe they deserve to be rewarded.

We offer highly desirable perks and incentives to our employees, including 6 weeks annual leave (plus other leave entitlements), opportunities to ‘earn while you learn’ through our Police Academy, structured career progression programs and relocation allowances, just to name a few!

We also provide our team members with access to a range of physical and mental health and wellbeing initiatives like our ‘fitness passport’ for you and your family – offering access to a multitude of health facilities at discounted rates.

Plus, with fantastic salary packaging options on offer, you can also boost your disposable income through salary sacrificing and novated leasing.

As a member of South Australia Police you’ll be able to advance your career, upskill, diversify your existing skillset and choose the direction that you want your career to take.

Senior Constable First Class Kate shows you what a day before an afternoon shift looks like for her – highlighting one of the shift-work perks you can experience and what your work/life balance could look like.


As a cadet, you’ll receive a salary throughout your training at the Police Academy. This salary will increase as your career progresses. You’ll also receive penalty rates for shift work and public holidays.

Learn more about career progression and salaries as a Police Officer with South Australia Police.

Working hours

You’ll be rostered to work 38 hours each week. Flexible working hours and part-time work may also be available after permanent appointment.

Leave benefits

In addition to six weeks paid annual leave each year, you’ll enjoy generous entitlements for:

  • parental leave (including maternity and childcare leave)
  • long-service leave (90 days after 10 years)
  • family carer’s leave (up to 10 days from sick leave)
  • care of sick child (up to 3 days per year)
  • sick leave (up to 12 days each year (accruable))

A range of special leave:

  • study leave
  • cultural leave
  • compassionate leave
  • sporting leave
  • domestic/family violence leave
Salary packaging

South Australia Police offers salary packaging or ‘salary sacrificing’ for employees hoping to boost their disposable income.

The Government of South Australia’s salary sacrifice arrangements are coordinated by the Commissioner for Public Sector Employment’s office, and are delivered by Maxxia (from 1 July 2024 by Smartsalary).

Remote area benefits

In addition to the above benefits, employees working in certain rural locations are eligible for significant financial incentives including accommodation and locality allowances as well as additional leave days. There is also an opportunity to save on tax through the ‘remote area benefits scheme’. This scheme offers financial assistance towards rental or mortgage costs, subsidies towards other housing costs like electricity, gas and wood, and in some cases – even home or land purchase tax breaks.

Lifestyle-wise, country policing offers greater flexibility with regards to shifts, as many locations do not have a requirement for night shift. Plus, there are fantastic opportunities to develop leadership and problem-solving skills – gaining extra experience and ownership of investigations – which you often don't get in metropolitan placements.

Country policing provides a sense of community, varied experiences and greater career development opportunities, not to mention beautiful landscapes, wineries, beaches, community sports and an abundance of recreational activities.

Other benefits
  • superannuation (11% employer contribution as at 2024)
  • free uniforms
  • hospital and extras cover (upon joining the Police Health Fund and payment of subscriptions)
  • Police Association of South Australia support (upon joining the association and payment of subscriptions)
  • financial support for sports (upon joining the Police Sports Federation and payment of subscriptions).
  • Extensive support services
Support services

We understand that coping with the pressures of work, family and life in general isn’t always easy.

It’s why South Australia Police is committed to supporting the wellbeing and welfare of all our officers (and their families) throughout their careers, and we provide a number of services to facilitate this.

Field tutors are available as mentors to assist you during your cadetship in your work-based training, on police patrols and in police stations. For the first six months of your probationary period, you’ll also have the support and advice of a Probationary Constable Coordinator in all our Districts/Local Service Areas.

We also offer a range of counselling and welfare services that can help with:

  • workplace concerns
  • relationships
  • financial problems
  • bereavement
  • health
  • lifestyle
  • family issues
  • trauma
  • drug and alcohol dependency

These services also extend to your family members and can provide additional support in the event you’re exposed to a life-threatening or traumatic situation.

If necessary, a non-denominational chaplaincy service is available to look after your spiritual welfare and that of your immediate family.

Former Australian Defence Force (ADF) and Reservist benefits

It’s no secret that former Australian Defence Force members possess strong leadership skills and a number of key transferable skills; and South Australia Police is privileged to employ a number of Reservists and former ADF members within our ranks.

In addition to having similar cultural values, better location stability, paid overtime and more control over your career in terms of both progression and trade / specialisation – South Australia Police offers an exclusive range of benefits to former ADF members and Reservists who transfer across to SAPOL, including:

  • Retention of ADF Long Service leave and Sick Leave
  • Police – Defence leave (20 days per year)
  • Special Leave With Pay (SLWP) for Defence deployments
  • Ability to continue with flexible or remote Defence service
  • Ability to continue with your Defence Home Owner Assistance Scheme payments towards your mortgage

Domestic applicants


International applicants

If you are an international applicant from the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland or New Zealand and would like to join the SA Police, please visit the International applicants page for more information.