Job hunters - we're still recruiting

SAPOL recruitment is continuing.

While we have postponed information seminars, all other aspects of the recruiting process are continuing. The situation regarding COVID-19  is constantly evolving and we encourage you to keep accessing our web pages for updates, but at the current  time the TAFE SA police recruitment test is still being offered by TAFE and all other recruitment testing is still being facilitated by SAPOL.

It is important for all our applicants to keep in touch and advise us if they are feeling unwell or have had exposure to COVID-19.  This will not disadvantage you as testing can be re-scheduled to a subsequent time when you are feeling well and have been cleared by your medical practitioner. This is essential to protect everyone as much as possible.

Recruit testing has been modified to ensure we comply with hygiene safety and social distancing protocols.

Courses are anticipated to commence in the second half of the year – so apply now

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Enquiries to:

SAPOL Recruiting Section
Phone: 08 7322 3353