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Shane's Story

South Australia Police
See yourself in the uniform recruitment campaign
Police officer testimonial - Shane

This page is a transcript of the video testimonial of Shane, a police officer with South Australia Police. Shane joined SAPOL after working with wildlife and the Army Reserves in the Northern Territory.

[Close up vision of Shane progressively putting the finishing touches on his uniform, starting with putting his dark blue police shirt on over his t-shirt then doing up the top buttons of his police shirt and zipping up his shoes]

I come from a fairly strong family background of

Scottish heritage and Aboriginal heritage. I worked in several different parks

throughout the Territory.

After the parks and wildlife I got into

[Shane, in casual clothes, talking to camera in a studio]

Army Reserves. When I arrived in South Australia

[Vision of Shane on the job as a police officer, leaving the police station with a colleague and getting into a police car]

I got into social work with Aboriginal prisoners and offenders support service.

The police force appealed to me, a job came up in the city.

[Shane, in casual clothes, talking to camera in a studio]

I put my hand up for it. I've come in as a Community Constable

doing the try before you buy thing.

[Vision of Shane on the job as a police officer, taking notes at a briefing and interacting with colleagues]

The learning of the cadet program,

it just equips you for different situations that you’re going to be faced with.

[Shane, in casual clothes, talking to camera in a studio]

My first week on the job I go into the park lands and three people approach me:

“G’day brother how are you?” One of them pulls me aside and says

“She wants to talk to you. She was raped last night”.

Being fresh out of the Academy a thousand things running through my head,

it just comes all back to you.

And your confidence, your training, your life skills, your life

experiences all wrapped into one. I just knew what to do. I understand both

[Vision of Shane on the job as a police officer, interacting with indigenous community members in a public park]

Indigenous community and non- Indigenous community, I can mix with both.

Where I see myself is as a mediator between

Aboriginal people and policing to educate both

[Shane, in casual clothes, talking to camera in a studio]

in closing that gap. My colleagues

[Close up vision of Shane in uniform putting his accoutrement belt on and sliding his notebook into the zip pocket of his trousers]

support me, I support them. We stick together.

You may be different coloured skinned but

[Shane takes his police hat from under his arm and puts it on his head showing the police badge to camera for a close up]

once you’ve got the uniform on, once you’ve got the blue skin on:

you’re all one colour.

This is where I will be for quite some time. Best job in the world.

[Still shot of Shane in uniform looking into camera and two strips of thin yellow tape appearing on the screen with words See yourself in the uniform and achievemore.com.au]

[Shane’s still shot fades to a dark background with police lights appearing behind the yellow tape. The South Australia Police logo and the Government of South Australia logo appears]

[Male voice over]

Do you already have what it takes? See yourself in the uniform