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Sarah's Story

South Australia Police
See yourself in the uniform recruitment campaign

Police officer testimonial - Sarah

This page is a transcript of the video testimonial of Sarah, a police officer with South Australia Police. Sarah discusses her police career in South Australia after starting her working life as a veterinary nurse.

[Close up vision of Sarah progressively putting the finishing touches on her uniform, starting with lacing up her work boots then putting her police shirt on over her t-shirt)

Prior to policing I worked as veterinary nurse for three years.

I think I got to the point where I couldn't really go too much further

[Sarah, in casual clothes, talking to camera in a studio]

and I felt like I needed to be a bit more mentally challenged.

[Vision of the Police Academy including cadets in a classroom and a cadet undertaking safe driving manoeuvres]

The thing that stood out to me as far as policing goes is the

chance for career progression and also the opportunity to make a positive


I think the biggest learning aspects

of the cadet program for me were learning about all the different laws.

As well as all the operational safety that was all very new for me but

a lot of fun.

Probably my favourite part would be the driver training,

completely different things that I haven't been exposed to in the past.

I’m quite confident that with the knowledge base and the skills that I did

learn and whilst at the Academy I'm sure I'll be able to pretty much handle

anything that gets thrown my way. Having said that though

I know that there’s people there looking out for you.

[Sarah, in casual clothes, talking to camera in a studio]

I enjoy coming to work every day, I know that there's always going to be

something different.

One day you could be going to a hold-up alarm

and then that could be followed up by a disturbance or

[Close up vision of Sarah putting equipment into her accoutrement belt and attaching the radio handset to her shirt]

domestic violence. There's also a lot of community

involvement, for example next week I'm going off to a kindy to do a kindy


[Sarah, in casual clothes, talking to camera in a studio]

So it’s a matter of generally looking out for society’s welfare as a whole.

It's just a really secure role you can sort of start at the bottom and work

your way up,

basically almost as far as you want to go. At this point I'm just sort of happy,

happy where I am and happy where the job sort of takes me.

[Close up vision of Sarah from behind putting her hair up in a ponytail and placing her police hat on her head, then a close up of the South Australia Police badge on the front of the hat]

I wouldn't have even dreamed probably

two years ago that I’d be doing the stuff that I'm doing today.

I’d definitely say look into it, give it a shot and see where it takes you.

[Still shot of Sarah in uniform looking into camera and two strips of thin yellow tape appearing on the screen with words See yourself in the uniform and achievemore.com.au]

[Sarah’s still shot fades to a dark background with police lights appearing behind the yellow tape. The South Australia Police logo and the Government of South Australia logo appears]

[Male voice over]

Do you already have what it takes? See yourself in the uniform