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Lisa's Story

South Australia Police
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Police officer testimonial Lisa

This page is a transcript of the video testimonial of Lisa, a Protective Security Officer with South Australia Police. Lisa discusses her career.

[Vision of Lisa putting her epaulettes and boots on]

Before joining SAPOL as a Protective Security Officer

I worked in pharmacy for seven years

I started as a trainee and worked my way through four certificates

[Vision of Lisa in studio talking to camera]

I then was invited to complete a retail diploma

and won a position to manage people

I felt as though there wasn’t really any progression

left in that career so I’ve decided to work for SAPOL

which offers great progression and still has

a positive impact on the community.

I originally applied to become a Police Officer

and I was offered the opportunity to work as a Protective Security Officer

at the time I didn’t know much about the job

[Vision of Lisa walking alongside another Protective Security Officer in the city then standing in front of a government building]

however I’ve been in the job for five years

and I’m surprised at how much I’m enjoying it.

[Vision of Protective Security Officers in front of Government House then getting out of a Protective Security car]

I believe being a Protective Security Officer

will put me in a good position to achieve my goal

[Vision of Protective Security Officers behind a front desk of a government building]

of becoming a Police Officer.

[Vision of Lisa in studio talking to camera]

I love what I do.

I’ve developed my skills through training at the Academy and on the job.

[Aerial vision of the Police Academy, vision of front entrance and scenario training]

At the Police Academy we’re paid to learn in an

adult learning environment.

[Vision of fitness training and defensive tactics training]

They put you through realistic scenarios

to help you when you actually graduate.

This makes you more assertive, more confident.

Training for situations where you may have to go hands on

is second to none.

They teach you moves to restrain people who

[Vision of Lisa in studio talking to camera]

maybe twice your size and they’re effective,

they make sure that you get the right moves to

be able to have control of that situation.

Outside of work my hobbies and passions are

spending time with family and friends

especially at social events such as football and netball.

I also enjoy Neighbourhood Watch meetings

and being involved in the community and attending Blue Lights

[Vision of Lisa putting on her patrol belt]

to be a role model for young members of the community.

Work-life balance with SAPOL

[Vision of Lisa in uniform putting on her Protective Security Officer jacket]

with the shift work I personally enjoy rotating through different shifts.

[Vision of Lisa in studio talking to camera]

It allows me to still have time with my family and friends

and it is convenient sometimes have during the day off

while everyone else goes to work to get things done.

I still get weekends off and you can still plan your sports

[Vision of Protective Security Officers interacting in a team environment; and at graduation]

you just have to be organised.

[Vision of Protective Security Officers at the Police Academy graduating]

South Australia Police as a female it’s a great job,

[Vision of Protective Security Officers in a government building and at the Security Control Centre)

You’ve got job security

It’s diverse, you work with some great people.

[Vision of Lisa in studio talking to camera]

It’s challenging, you make a difference every day.

It’s great as a male or female however

[Vision of Lisa in her full uniform zipping up her jacket and putting her hat on]

I think more females should give it a go.

[Male voice over]

Do you already have what it takes? See yourself in the uniform


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