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Kathryn's Story

South Australia Police
See yourself in the uniform recruitment campaign
Police officer testimonial - Kathryn

This page is a transcript of the video testimonial of Kathryn, a police officer with South Australia Police. Kathryn discusses her police career.

[Two yellow banners appear across the screen with the text What Kathryn loves about her career with SA Police]

[Close up vision of Kathryn in uniform casually walking down a street talking to camera)

Did I always picture myself in uniform?

Not really.

When I finished Uni I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do

but I had a few friends that were police officers

and they seem to really love their job.

So I decided to take the plunge and apply

and since I’ve become a police officer

I can’t imagine myself doing anything else.

The one thing that attracted me to policing

was the fact we’re working in a team environment.

[Vision of the Kathryn at the Academy interacting wiht Police Officers in a friendly, learning environment; then walking down street, talking to camera]

My team is positive and fun

and I know they always have my back

no matter what situation I’m in.

A few other things that attracted me to policing

[Vision of Kathryn sitting at a café socialising with friends]

is that you get 6 weeks annual leave

and there’s forty different career paths to choose from.

[Vision of different career paths including operational police, mounted police with a police horse and forensic police]

[Vision of Kathryn walking down the street talking to camera and patrolling in a police car]

I wasn’t sure if I had what it took to become a police officer

but I knew I had common sense

and I was a good communicator

and in this job it’s a big thing.

[Vision of a member of the public of Asian background talking to Kathryn in the street]

Being from a Malaysian/Chinese background

I found it easier to communicate

with a wider cross section of the community.

[Vision of Kathryn walking down the street talking to camera]

I think with Uni it’s quite an independent

learning type of environment

[Vision of Kathryn at the Academy in a learning environment with other police officers and instructors]

whereas at the Academy you tend to get a lot more support

and also with the other cadets

you end up working together and

helping each other to study or whether it be

[Vision of Kathryn at the gym riding an exercise bike]

fitness to achieve the same goal.

[Vision of Kathryn walking down the street talking to the camera]

So outside of work I love to play sport

so I play netball

[Vision of Kathryn at the gym with other officers; then going for a run with two friends]

I love going to the gym

and running and hiking.

[Vision of Kathryn at home in the kitchen preparing food with a friend]

I also love cooking and I do a lot of it at home

and I’ve been actually working on writing my own cook book.

[Vision of Kathryn walking down the street talking to the camera; then sitting in a police car accessing the in-car computer]]

Being able to keep fit and healthy

I feel that it translates

to when I’m actually on patrols

because it makes everything

[Vision of a female and male police officer walking up to a car that has been pulled over]

so much easier because you never know

what you are going to be faced with on the road.

[Vision of Kathryn walking down the street talking to the camera]

When I first put on the uniform in the morning

I think what goes through my head

is going out there and actually

making an impact on the community

[Vision of Kathryn and a male police officer responding to a radio call and starting to walk quickly up the street]

[Vision of Kathryn walking down the street talking to the camera then walking up to a front door of a property]

and also going out there and interacting with people.

So it’s not just about going and I guess fighting crime

it’s about engaging and talking about

[Vision of Kathryn and a female police officer in the locker room at work]

relationships with people as well.

[Male voice over]

Do you already have what it takes? See yourself in the uniform


[Two yellow banners appear across the screen with the text See yourself in the uniform. Apply now at achievemore.com.au]

[Under the banners appears Great pay; Every day is different; 40 career paths]