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Road safety resources

Keeping safe on the road - online activities Topic 1Join in the fun - Our Road Safety Centre has developed some special road safety activities for children and parents to do at home. If you would like to join in and learn more about road safety then keep an eye out for SAPOL Road Safety on Instagram, SAPOL on Facebook or our web page for all the details.  

Activities will be released over a 10-week period and cover topics such as crossing the road safely, passenger safety, walking safely and safe places to play, bike safety, and Triple Zero emergency calls.

South Australia Police provides a number of resources to assist community groups to promote the Fatal Five.

Drink and drug driving
Dangerous road users
Other resources

Listen to our podcast

SAPOL has launched our first podcast highlighting the trauma caused to all those affected by a fatal crash. In the podcast, you will hear the true story of a road crash that took the life of 18-year-old Nicholas Holbrook.  The crash occurred on the evening of the 11 June 2009 at West Lakes Boulevard, West Lakes.

For the 10th anniversary of the collision SAPOL's Road Safety Section sat down with those impacted by this tragic event. The parents of Nick speak openly about their loss and the ongoing pain they still experience 10 years following the crash.  Phillip, who was Nick's friend, and the driver of the vehicle, shares his pain in learning of the fact that he had killed his mate from Nick's dad while he was in hospital.

The podcast can be streamed via SoundCloud at

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