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Road safety campaigns

Road safety campaigns play an important role in educating the community about the dangers on our roads, in an effort to reduce serious injuries and fatalities in South Australia.

The role of communications in seeking to improve road user behaviour cannot be underestimated. Our innovative campaigns are designed to capture the attention and influence the community to create a safe road environment for all of us.​

Current campaigns

Selfish Prick - Anti-Drink Driving Campaign

This campaign is the result of rigorous research into the motivations of drink drivers. Interviews with people who admitted to drink driving revealed that convenience is the prevailing reason for choosing to drive rather than take alternative transport or stay at a friend’s house after drinking.

Wanting to have their car at home in the morning, wanting to sleep in their own bed and wanting to save money rather than pay for a taxi were amongst the reasons given for choosing to drive after drinking, despite the recognised risk of being caught, or worse, being involved in a crash.

The campaign targets the demographic most represented in drink driving statistics (men between 20-40 years) and taps into the increased social stigma and unacceptability of drink driving in the community.

The phrase ‘Drink Drivers are Selfish Pricks’ was extensively tested on representatives of the target audience and was deemed to be influential, impactful and likely to prompt self-reflection and behavior change.

Members of the South Australian community were also surveyed to determine if the phrase was too offensive to appear in the public domain. Results demonstrated overwhelming support for the concept and garnered positive responses to the bold and ‘no excuses’ approach.

Whilst some complaints are expected, these surveys showed a prevailing community sentiment that tackling drink driving is an important enough issue to potentially offend some people’s sensibilities.

Assistant Commissioner Ian Parrott, Officer in Charge State Operations Service said the campaign supports SAPOL’s zero tolerance approach to drivers who choose to endanger lives.

Watch the two main TV ads below. All other assets can be viewed in the respective accordion menu at the bottom of the page.

TV Ad "Consequences"

TV Ad "Excuses"

Think About Who You'll Leave Behind - Regional Campaign

Our Town Could Save Your Life - Fatigue Campaign

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