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Road safety campaigns

Road safety campaigns play an important role in educating the community about the dangers on our roads, in an effort to reduce serious injuries and fatalities in South Australia.

The role of communications in seeking to improve road user behaviour cannot be underestimated. Our innovative campaigns are designed to capture the attention and influence the community to create a safe road environment for all of us.

Behind the Scenes of Our Motorcycles Campaign

Created with the help of motorcyclists, SAPOL’s latest motorcycle campaign “Back Off” took nine months of research and careful planning to come to life earlier this year.

The campaign aims to encourage motorcyclists to reduce speeding on thrill seeking rides before their thrills turn to grief. It primarily targets 20-29 year old male motorcyclists, who were the most implicated in serious injuries involving motorcyclists between 2018 and 2022.

During extensive market research, motorcyclists spoke of their sense of freedom, their connection to the road and the heightened sensory experience that riding gives them. Rather than argue with that, the campaign reflects the dark side of those feelings.

The new campaign was launched in May this year and will return to market in January 2024. Campaign research shows that it has been seen by an unprecedented 97% of 20-29 year old motorcyclists.

Go behind the scenes of the making of "Back Off" in the video below.

The entire campaign can be viewed in the drop-down menu below.

Current Campaigns

Drink Driving Campaign | Selfish Pr*ck

"Excuses" (30 seconds)

Senior Drivers Campaign | Don't Stop Driving By Accident

"Moderation" (30 seconds)

"Adult Children" (30 seconds)

Speed Campaign | Speeders Come Out of Nowhere

"Speeders Come Out of Nowhere" (30 seconds)

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Other campaigns

Senior Drivers
Drink driving

Drink Driving campaign "Selfish Pri*k" drives home multiple awards

SAPOL’s ‘tell it like it is’ hard-hitting campaign targeting those who ignore the dangers of drink driving was recognised by national marketing body, the Australian Marketing Institute (AMI) at their annual Awards for Marketing Excellence event on Thursday 20 October 2022.

A State finalist in the category of Social Change, marketing designed to shift attitudes or behaviours, the “Selfish Pri*k” campaign won both State and National awards.

Also picked up by SAPOL was the premier award of the night, CAMPAIGN OF THE YEAR, recognising the overall best campaign across each state and category.

A SAPOL spokesperson said “addressing road trauma is an emotive and daunting task, but we are pleased that our unflinching efforts to reduce the lives lost each year are being recognised at a National level by our peers.”

The judges’ comments included;

“This is one of the most outstanding campaigns I’ve ever come across.”

“The civic leadership message was one that cut right to the punch.”

“The concept, the strategy, the simple cut-through creative and the additional benefits were bigger than this campaign. They not only achieved their goals, but they also achieved awareness of a very serious Australian culture issue”.

Drink driving post campaign research indicated that the campaign reached 81% awareness, the highest in five years.

The full campaign can be watched in the dropdown menu further down this page.

AMI Awards badge National Winner 2022

TV ads

Selfish Prick - "Excuses" (30 sec)

Selfish Prick - "Consequences" (30 sec)

Selfish Prick - "Consequences" (15 sec)

Digital ads

Selfish Prick - Horizontal (6 sec)

Selfish Prick - Vertical (6 sec)

Radio ads

Selfish Prick - Master Ad (30 sec)

Selfish Prick - Radio Ad A (15 sec)

Selfish Prick - Radio Ad B (15 sec)


Selfish Prick - Feet


Selfish Prick - Feet

Testimonial Campaign
Drug driving