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Think first then dial

Chemical diversion

Vendors of precursor chemicals must submit an End user statement to the Chemical Diversion Desk each time regulated chemicals are sold.

This is required under the Controlled Substances Act (1984).

NOTE: Effective 1 July 2018 variations to the Controlled Substances Act (Poisons) Regulations 2011 will take effect. The variations will include 31 additional chemicals. The End user declaration is currently being reviewed. Please use the form available from the link below in the interim. Further information and updates will be provided in the coming months.

How to submit an end user statement

Download, print and complete an end user statement

Email to SAPOL.CDD@police.sa.gov.au

Guide to regulated chemicals in South Australia

The Guide to regulated chemicals includes:

  • full listings of regulated precursor chemicals
  • relevant sections of the Controlled Substances Act.

Download the Guide to regulated chemicals in South Australia A4 version
Download the Guide to regulated chemicals in South Australia A3 version

Suspicious purchases

Vendors of regulated precursor chemicals must notify the Chemical Diversion Desk of any suspicious purchases. Indicators of suspicious purchases include:


  • new customers
  • walk-in customers.


  • irregular ordering patterns and unusual quantities
  • lack of business acumen
  • absence of business stationery
  • reluctance to supply a written order
  • failure or unwillingness to supply contact details.

Intended use

  • purchases in small containers even when industrial use is claimed
  • intended use inconsistent with the chemicals ordered
  • orders or purchases by people or companies with no obvious need for the chemicals.

Delivery or collection

  • offers to pay an excessive price for quick delivery
  • requests for delivery in non-commercial or unmarked packaging
  • requests for delivery by air freight
  • collection in the purchaser's own vehicle.


  • cash payments for small and large purchases.


Chemical Diversion Desk
Phone 8172 5182
Email SAPOL.CDD@police.sa.gov.au