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Think first then dial

Report a crash

If you are involved in a vehicle crash you must:

Step 1: Stop

Stop at the scene of the crash. Failing to stop at the scene is against the law.

Step 2: Assist

Assist anyone who is injured.

Call 000 if there is danger or serious injury.

Call 131 444 if you require police assistance.

Step 3: Move your vehicle

Move your vehicle off the road if police are not attending.

Phone 8116 9209 for a tow truck if you need one.

Step 4: Exchange information

Exchange your information with the other drivers or their representatives and anyone else involved in the crash including the owner of any property damaged at the scene.

Include in the information exchanged:

  • the driver's name and address
  • the name and address of the vehicle's owner
  • the vehicle's registration number
  • any other information needed to identify the vehicle
  • any other information needed by the police about the crash.

Step 5: Report the crash to the police

Report to the police at the scene of a crash or at a police station within 90 minutes if:

  • you were a driver of one of the vehicles involved; and
  • someone was injured or killed.

Report to the police as soon as possible but, except in exceptional circumstances, within 24 hours after the crash if:

  • the property damage exceeds $3000; or
  • information with other drivers or their representatives and anyone else involved in the crash were not exchanged; or
  • a vehicle involved in the crash was either towed or carried away; or
  • the police did not attend the scene.

Information needed for a crash report

You will need to provide in the crash report:

  • your personal details
  • your driver's licence details
  • your vehicle registration
  • the exact location of the crash
  • the date and time of the crash
  • details of the other people involved
  • the vehicle registration details of the other vehicles involved.

You will be given a Motor Vehicle Collision (MVC) number for future reference.

Report a crash online

You can report a crash online if:

  • the crash occurred in South Australia
  • no one was injured or killed
  • everyone involved exchanged particulars
  • it was not a hit-run
  • no police vehicles were involved
  • no vehicles were towed
  • an estimate of the total damage is less than $3000
  • police did not attend
  • you don't want police to investigate the collision.

You must be prepared to assist the police if you want us to investigate a crash due to breaches of the road rules. You will be asked to provide a statement and you may have to go to court.

Report a crash online