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Police graduates march into rewarding careers

13 Mar 2024 12:46pm

March has well and truly kicked off, with 25 Course 66 members ready to get on the busy beat after graduating from the South Australia Police (SAPOL) Academy today.

Ranging in age from 19 to 46, some of the latest graduates have culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, including Bulgarian.

Nineteen men and six women bring various work experience to policing, including from retail, hospitality, construction, defence, research, nursing, and administration. Some have also previously worked as police officers, police security officers and in a police call centre.

Before the academy, Lis worked in SAPOL administration as a personal assistant, and studied criminology at university before pursuing her lifelong dream to become a police officer.

“Police had a positive impact on me as a child. I always looked up to them as leaders in the community and saw myself in the uniform even from a young age,” she said.

“I’ve always wanted to be a police officer. I am hoping to work in the Criminal Investigation Branch (CIB), Family and Domestic Violence, as well as Prosecution during my career.”

Lis encouraged anyone, including school leavers or people wanting a career change, to consider a career in blue.

“I wish I had known that there’s no perfect time to apply. If it’s something you’re passionate about, there is no time like the present,” she added.

Former hotel manager, Matt, is excited by policing’s diversity and brings valuable experience to the job.

“My hospitality background has given me a good foundation of communicating with the public and dealing with controversy on those chaotic Saturday nights,” he said.

“Policing offers an ‘every day is different’ approach to your work week, which is an incredibly exciting prospect.”

Matt is interested in joining SAPOL’s Bomb Response Unit later in his career.

Similarly bringing a management background to policing, Charlotte looks forward to further building on her problem-solving, communication and leadership skills after working as a family entertainment venue manager.

“At the academy and during our outphases, we are trained to communicate with and help people like repeat offenders to break the cycle,” she said.

“I have developed my communication skill set since joining SAPOL and can now effectively communicate with people to resolve conflict.”

Charlotte looks forward to SAPOL’s diverse range of opportunities for professional development and plans to pursue a career in the Major Crime Investigation Branch.

Course 66 graduates will be stationed to metropolitan and regional postings, including at Whyalla, Port Augusta, Port Pirie, and Murray Bridge.

SAPOL is currently recruiting and is keen to hear from people interested in an inspiring career with unmatched experiences and rewards.

If you're looking for job security, career progression pathways and a chance to make a real difference in local communities visit achievemore.com.au

Course 66 members Matt, Charlotte and Lis are among 25 new police officers to graduate from the South Australia Police (SAPOL) Academy today (Wednesday 13 March).