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‘No one left behind’ in Course 69

19 Jun 2024 12:46pm

Supporting each other to the finish line, 27 new police officers from tight-knit Course 69 graduated today from the South Australia Police (SAPOL) Academy.

Ranging in age from 19 to 40, today’s graduates stuck to a motivational motto and used team work to overcome obstacles throughout their academy journey.

Course 69 sees 10 women and 17 men bring various work experience to policing, including as a corporate business manager, cook, pharmacy assistant, call centre operator, storeman, sports coach, retail and marketing assistant, and sales representative.

Prior to joining SAPOL, Jessica was a competitive horse rider and worked as an executive assistant at a non-profit mental health, alcohol, and drug service.

“This job helped build up my people and leadership skills, and most importantly my resilience which is critical to navigate the challenges of policing,” she said.

“SAPOL offers so many different career paths no matter what your interest is and to me that was the most appealing aspect.”

Hayley, a former retail worker, was similarly drawn to SAPOL for job variety and countless opportunities.

“I was attracted to the physical aspect of the job, shift work and job security. These attributes appealed to me, as I did not want to sit at a desk all day working a 9-5 job and wanted a career I could have for the rest of my working life,” she said.

“My course stayed very tight knit throughout the entire academy experience. We came up with a motto, ‘Course 69 no one left behind’, which we stuck by.”

Father of two, Michael, worked in vehicle finance and mortgage brokering before becoming a police officer – a thrilling career change, according to his children.

“It is exciting, and my children think it’s amazing. As a police officer, I have the chance to really contribute to public safety and wellbeing, which aligns with my personal values,” he said.

“I have the opportunity, to make a positive impact.”

Similarly, Mankirat found the dedication to community engagement and safety in policing appealing. He brings transferrable skills from the Royal Australian Army.

“Throughout my time at the academy I learned self-control, resiliency and a strong feeling of accountability,” he said.

“I gained confidence and learnt how to handle pressure by putting myself through physically and mentally demanding tasks.”

Graduates Jessica and Hayley are interested in joining the Dog Operations Unit, while Michael and Mankirat hope to pursue a career in SAPOL’s Criminal Investigation Branch.

For those considering policing, Michael shared the below advice:

  • Research the role to make sure this is for you.
  • Prepare yourself physically and, importantly, be ready mentally.
  • Get relevant experience and skills where possible.
  • Develop your communication skills.
  • Always have integrity and be professional.
  • Be adaptive and flexible in all situations.

Course 69 members will be stationed to metropolitan and regional postings including the Eastern District and Barossa Local Service Area.

SAPOL is currently recruiting and is keen to hear from people interested in an inspiring career with unmatched experiences and rewards.

If you're looking for job security, career progression pathways and a chance to make a real difference in local communities visit Achievemore - Join Us (police.sa.gov.au)

Jessica, Mankirat, Michael, and Hayley are among 27 new police officers graduating today from Course 69 at the South Australia Police academy.