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Annual report 2020-21 - Overview: about the agency

Our strategic focus

Our Purpose

Under the Police Act 1998, the purpose of South Australia Police (SAPOL) is to reassure and protect the community in relation to crime and disorder by the provision of services to uphold the law; preserve the peace; prevent crime; assist the public in emergency situations; co-ordinate and manage responses to emergencies; regulate road use and prevent vehicle collisions.

Our Vision

Safer Communities – recognises our continuing commitment to reduce community harm through a prevention first mindset.

Our Values

Our values are: Service Integrity, Courage, Leadership, Collaboration and Respect.

Our functions, objectives and deliverables

SAPOL 2030 and Safer Communities vision recognise SAPOL as a valued contributor to the prosperity of the South Australian community through the prevention, disruption, detection and prosecution of crime and preventing road trauma.

We will continue to build on the strong foundations that have seen us remain contemporary and highly regarded.  The foundation for organisational growth and quality service delivery will be guided by five principles of:

  • Our People, Our Strength - our values underpin everything we do, providing a foundation to achieve our 2030 vision,
  • Prevention First - take every opportunity to prevent crime, disorder and road trauma,
  • Community Centred, Socially Minded - enhancing transparency and engagement to build trust and confidence,
  • Collaborative Partnerships - we will identify external expertise and build these insights and learnings into our operational and business strategies, and
  • Technology Enabled Policing - optimising the use of technology provides new opportunities for disruption, enforcement, criminal investigation and prosecution.

Keeping the community safe and our commitment to this strategy will drive our business through our core programs of:

  • Public Safety – responding to calls for service, emergency response and managing major community events to realise safer communities,
  • Crime and Criminal Justice Services – a prevention first approach to reduce community impact of offending, support victims and provide effective criminal justice services; and
  • Road Safety – reduce trauma on our roads.

Our organisational structure


Deputy Commissioner

Business Service

Crime Service

Governance and Capability Service

Human Resources Service

Information Systems and Technology Service

Metropolitan Operations Service

Operations Support Service

Security and Emergency Management Service

State Operations Service

COVID-19 Operations Command

COVID-19 Coordinator State Controller Police


Changes to the agency

In July 2020 SAPOL created the COVID-19 Operations Command and COVID-19 Coordinator State Controller Police, recognising the ongoing nature of SAPOL’s commitment to COVID-19 response in South Australia.

Our Minister

Headshot of Hon Vincent Tarzia MP 

The Hon Vincent Tarzia MP is the Minister for Police, Emergency Services and Correctional Services. His portfolio also includes responsibility for Road Safety. The Minister oversees South Australia Police programs of Public Safety, Crime and Criminal Justice Services and Road Safety.

Our Executive team

head and shoulder shot Commissioner of Police Grant Stevens 

Grant Stevens is the Commissioner of Police, responsible for leading South Australia Police and the State Coordinator under the Emergency Management Act 2004.

Areas reporting to the Commissioner include:

  • COVID 19 State Controller Police,
  • Business Service,
  • Governance and Capability Service,
  • Information Systems and Technology Service, and
  • Human Resources Service.
head and shoulder shot Deputy Commissioner Linda Williams 

Linda Williams is the Deputy Commissioner, responsible for assisting the Commissioner in leading South Australia Police.

Areas reporting to the Deputy Commissioner include:

  • COVID-19 Operations Command,
  • Metropolitan Operations Service,
  • State Operations Service,
  • Security and Emergency Management Service,
  • Operations Support Service, and
  • Crime Service.
upper torso shot Steve Johinke Director Business Service 

Stephen Johinke is the Director Business Service, responsible for:

  • corporate management of financial, asset and information
  • service delivery of expiation notice processing, exhibit
    property management, vehicle impounding, and
  • information release.
upper torso shot Peter Harvey Assistant Commissioner Crime Service 

Peter Harvey is the Assistant Commissioner Crime Service, responsible for:

  • specialist investigation services for serious, organised or
    complex criminal activity, and
  • state-wide responsibility for the provision of high
    level criminal investigations, as well as investigative and
  • specialist technical support to Districts and Local Service
upper torso shot Phil Newitt Assistant Commissioner Governance and Capability Service and Deputy State Controller Police 

Philip Newitt is the Assistant Commissioner Governance and Capability Service and Deputy State Controller Police, responsible for:

  • executive support to the Commissioner and the Deputy,
  • corporate governance and organisational capability,
  • performance reporting to executive, government and the public,
  • performance policy and strategy development,
  • legislative reform, and
  • identifying and addressing emerging issues.
Headshot of HR Director Kim-Sherie Summers 

Kim-Sherie Summers is the Director Human Resources Service, responsible for:

  • strategic leadership and direction in the planning, development
    and promotion of efficient and effective organisational human
    resource management policies and practices including
    workforce planning,
  • staff development,
  • equity and diversity,
  • industrial relations, and
  • occupational health, safety and injury management
upper torso shot Hamish Cameron Director Information Systems and Technology Service 

Hamish Cameron is the Director Information Systems and Technology Service, responsible for:

  • Information and Communications Technology (ICT) advice and
    services in relation to security, architecture, business consulting, infrastructure and communications, software support and maintenance and project delivery,
  • the Service Desk for all ICT-related issues and requests, and
  • the strategic direction and policies relating to technology.
upper torso shot Scott Duval Assistant Commissioner Metropolitan Operations Service 

Scott Duval is the Assistant Commissioner Metropolitan Operations Service, responsible for:

  • operational policing services to the central business district
    (CBD) and the greater Adelaide metropolitan area, and
  • safety on metropolitan public transport.
upper torso shot Linda Fellows Assistant Operation Support Service 

Linda Fellows is the Assistant Commissioner Operation Support Service, responsible for:

  • centrally located, specialist operation support to the Districts,
    Local Service Areas and Crime Service,
  • prosecution services, and
  • firearms and licensing enforcement.
upper torso shot Noel Bamford Assistant Commissioner Security and Emergency Management Service and State Controller Police 

Noel Bamford is the Assistant Commissioner Security and Emergency Management Service and State Controller Police, responsible for:

  • strategic support to the State Coordinator in the multi-agency response to the COVID-19 pandemic,
  • counter terrorism and high risk incident operations,
  • emergency management and major event planning,
  • state-wide community access to police services via the
    Triple Zero ‘000’ and 131 444 telephone numbers,
  • search and rescue, airborne law enforcement operations and
  • public order management.
Headshot of Assistant Commissioner Craig Patterson 

Craig Patterson is the Assistant Commissioner COVID-19 Police Command Operations, responsible for:

  • strategic and Operational commitment to the COVID-19
    response including Border, Airport and Medi-Hotel Operations;
    and Medi-Quarantine;
  • ensuring the decisions, delegations and specific requests of
    the State Coordinator are being achieved;
  • responsible for enforcing community compliance with
    Emergency Management Act 2004 COVID-19 directions; and
  • engagement with multi-agencies in support of SA Health in the management of the COVID-19 pandemic.
upper torso shot Ian Parrott Assistant Commissioner State Operations Service 

Ian Parrott is the Assistant Commissioner State Operations Service, responsible for:

  • operational policing services to all South Australian regional
    areas and rural areas
  • the operations of the State Tactical Response Group; and
  • road safety services across the state.

Legislation administered by the agency

Police Act 1998 and Police Regulations 2014

Firearms Act 2015

Hydroponics Industry Control Act 2009

Protective Security Act 2007

Public Assemblies Act 1972

Second-hand Dealers and Pawnbrokers Act 1996

Witness Protection Act 1996

Other related agencies (within the Minister’s area/s of responsibility)

South Australia Police continued to work collaboratively and seek new opportunities with other emergency service agencies and the Department for Correctional Services to ensure community safety.

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