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All South Australia Police publications available on our site can be found here. Use Search publications to refine the publications displayed.

Firearms - Application for a Permit RF1740 1 MB
Firearms - Application for a permit to acquire a firearm PD306 2 MB
Firearms - Application for Accredited Paint-Ball Employee - RF1589 760 KB
Firearms - Application for ammunition permit PD311 752 KB
Firearms - Application for Approval of Secondary Nominee or Change of Nominee RF1608 1 MB
Firearms - Application for Recog of Firearms Club, Comm Range or Paint Ball Op PD393 1 MB
Firearms - Application for variation of licence PD307 1 MB
Firearms - Application to Acquire Sound Moderator RF1575 1 MB
Firearms - Authority to possess body armour application form RF1662 355 KB
Firearms - Certificate of training PD314 2 MB
Firearms - Change of name and address notification form for dealers and manufacturers of prohibited weapons PD313 407 KB
Firearms - Club or Employer Report to Registrar of Firearms - PD486B - 651 KB
Firearms - Contract shooter statutory declaration RF1643a 1 MB
Firearms - Exemption for possession or use of a prohibited weapons application form PD308 312 KB
Firearms - International Visitor Firearm Permit Instructions 170 KB
Firearms - Medial Notification to Registrar of Firearms PD486A 913 KB
Firearms - Notification of change of name, address or firearms storage PD310 854 KB
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