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Think first then dial

Our new Road Safety Action Plan 2023-2026

SAPOL has released our new Road Safety Action Plan 2023-2026 during National Road Safety Week. Our Action Plan will see SAPOL working with the community to achieve a reduction in road trauma and is part of building ‘safer communities’.

Every SAPOL member has a part to play in promoting road safety, not just within our own organisation, but also across the South Australian community, helping in some way to keep everyone safe on our roads. All staff are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the Action Plan.

The aim of the Action Plan is to stop people dying on our roads and to reduce the incidence and severity of road trauma in South Australia by making the roads a safer place for everyone in the community.

SAPOL is seeking at least a 50% reduction in lives lost and at least 30% reduction in serious injuries (per capita) on South Australian roads by 2030.

This is what the community are saying about road safety:

Steve Dumesy – Victim of road trauma I lost my daughter Kristalle in a car crash in 2017 and have worked with SAPOL to tell her story in episode 2 of the ‘Fatal Five True Stories’ podcast. I feel that sharing road trauma in this way brings home a strong road safety message of how a crash can impact so many people, not just the family but the first responders, witnesses, friends and the community. If it helps save one life I’ll be so very grateful.

Phillip Wright – Driver involved in a fatal collision A decision I made on the road when I was 18 years old had catastrophic consequences on not only myself but so many others. Everyone involved in that crash still lives with that trauma today. I feel strongly about sharing my story with others to ensure they don’t make the same mistakes I did and they are made aware how important road safety is.

We have identified nine priority areas that will assist in the reduction of lives lost on South Australian roads. The priority areas for all of us are:

  • Focusing on the over-representation of First Nations peoples in road crashes.
  • Focusing on road safety for people aged 16-24 years.
  • Focusing on road safety for people 70 years of age and over.
  • Improving safety for people who walk, cycle and use other forms of personal transport.
  • Focusing on regional and remote roads.
  • Increasing capabilities to conduct research to identify trends in vehicle crashes and driver behaviour.
  • Developing targeted road safety campaigns that are aligned with an operational focus.
  • Identifying technological and legislative opportunities to improve road safety outcomes.
  • Focusing on enhancing enforcement activities.

The Fatal Five causes of road trauma on our roads will continue to direct our operations and advertising campaigns. The Fatal Five include:

  • drink and drug driving
  • speeding
  • distraction
  • seatbelts
  • dangerous road users.

Our new Action Plan aligns with the National Road Safety Strategy 2021-2030 and South Australia Road Safety Strategy to 2031.

Enquiries to Road Safety Section, telephone: 820 74138,  email: SAPOL.RoadSafetySection@police.sa.gov.au.