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Fake notes passed on Yorke Peninsula

27 Jul 2022 4:07pm

Police are encouraging retailers to be vigilant when receiving money after a number of counterfeit notes were passed last week.

Kadina Police are investigating the passing of counterfeit notes at various places in the Yorke Peninsula, as well as locations in Adelaide, on Friday 22 July.

Counterfeit notes were presented in denominations of $50 and $100 notes.

Police urge business owners and retail staff to be vigilant when receiving cash, and also urge consumers to take a little extra time to check their notes when making purchases and receiving change.

If you suspect you have a counterfeit note, please report it to the police assistance line on 131 444. Handle the note as little as possible and store it in an envelope. Please be prepared to tell police the time and place where you believe you were passed the fake bank note and a description of the person or people you believe passed it to you.

If you are business proprietor and believe the fake bank note was passed by a customer, note the person’s description and details if they leave the premises prior to police arrival. Please also note any other relevant information such as description of the suspect, anyone else they were with, and their vehicle.

If you have CCTV, please check the footage for the suspect to assist police.

Police recommend that anyone accepting money should check the texture of the note, other in-built security features and printing.

To determine if a suspect note is counterfeit, it is best to compare it with a note that is known to be genuine.

For more information about how to detect counterfeit notes please see this information from the Reserve Bank of Australia: http://banknotes.rba.gov.au/counterfeit-detection/counterfeit-detection-guide/

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