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Operation Drink Drug Drive Results

19 Sep 2023 10:33am

Operation Stop Drink Drug Drive is one phase of operations conducted for alcohol and drug testing under Operation Safe Roads 2023-2024.

This operation occurred State-wide and involved both static/block and mobile testing. The operation operated from 4pm on Friday 15 September to 11.59pm on Sunday 17 September.

76 drivers were detected for either an alcohol or drug driving offence during this phase of the operation.

There were 11,296 alcotests conducted, with 37 drivers detected for an alcohol offence.  Four drivers failed to comply with a breath test and one driver refused.

The highest alcohol reading recorded was a blood alcohol reading of 0.221, almost five times the legal limit. This was recorded by a 44-year-old man from Port Augusta.

534 drug tests were conducted, with 32 drivers detected for a drug driving offence. Two drivers refused a drug screen.

21 vehicles were impounded.

59 immediate loss of licence notices were issued.

During the previous operation on 18 to 20 August, 2023, 96 drivers were detected for either an alcohol or drug driving offence.