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Three youths arrested over break-ins at Lightsview and Medindie

17 Mar 2023 6:30am

Three youths were arrested after allegedly stealing a car from Lightsview overnight.  Police are still looking for a fourth suspect.

About 12.15am on Friday 17 March, police responded to reports a Mitsubishi Outlander had been stolen during a break-in at a house on the Strand, Lightsview.  The vehicle was electronically tracked to Briar Avenue, Medindie, where the engine had been turned off.

As an unmarked police car approached the vehicle, the stolen car suddenly drove off and collided with the front of the police car.

Two suspects ran from the car and were chased and apprehended by the plainclothes officers.  The stolen car, containing two suspects, drove off east along Briar Avenue.

It will be alleged the group had committed another break-in at a house in Briar Avenue, stealing bags and car keys, before getting back into the stolen Outlander.

There were no injuries to the officers in the crash, and only minor damage to the police vehicle.

Tracking of the stolen Outlander led police to Harvey Avenue, Gilles Plains where it was dumped.  Police cordoned off the area and found a third suspect with the assistance of Police Dog Zeus.  Investigations are continuing to identify and locate a fourth suspect who ran off from the abandoned car.

A 15-year-old Craigmore boy, a 14-year-old boy from West Lakes and a 14-year-old boy from Taperoo were arrested and charged with two counts of aggravated serious criminal trespass, two counts of theft, illegal use and going equipped to commit an offence.

The older boy was further charged with driving offences in relation to the collision.

All three will appear in the Adelaide Youth Court today.