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Update: Stolen credit card used at shopping centre - man arrested

21 Jun 2019 9:00am

A Birkenhead man will face court today on a number of charges after he allegedly used a stolen credit card at West Lakes yesterday.

Sometime on Thursday morning 20 June, a credit card was stolen from a car outside a house at Henley Beach,  When the card owner realised the card was missing she also discovered the card was already being used at the West Lakes Shopping Centre.

Just before 11am on Thursday 20 June, the credit card owner attended the West Lakes Shopping Centre to try and track down the thief.  On speaking to one shop assistant where the card had been used, the suspect was pointed out to the victim.

The male suspect on being identified fled on foot with the female victim giving chase.

Just outside the southern end of the shopping centre, the woman tackled the suspect to the ground, after a short scuffle, the suspect fled again on foot, knocking an elderly woman to the ground as he ran.

He was last seen getting on bus on Sportsman Drive at West Lakes. Patrols located the suspect a short time later on the bus on Military Road at Grange and arrested him.

After being refused police bail overnight and also treated in hospital for minor injuries,  the 22-year-old man from Birkenhead will be interviewed and charged with theft of the credit card, seven counts of deception, assault of the victim and aggravated assault of the elderly woman.

He will appear in the Port Adelaide Magistrates Court later today.

All items purchased with the stolen credit card, including packets of cigarettes, a baseball cap, a bottle of Jim Beam with a total value of more than $350.00 were recovered.

The elderly woman appeared uninjured in the incident, however she was taken to hospital to be medically assessed.