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Red light camera testing completed

31 Oct 2020 7:05am

As a result of a Supreme Court judgement on 2 October 2020 SAPOL suspended all unpaid expiation notices issued for disobeying a red traffic light while legal advice was sought. It has since been decided not to appeal the Supreme Court decision and the suspended notices will be withdrawn.

SAPOL maintains absolute confidence in the operation and accuracy of red light cameras and expiated notices are considered finalised.

Since 8 October 2020 SAPOL have been testing red light cameras by driving a police vehicle through a red light in controlled conditions. Regular testing is ongoing.

Expiation notices are now being issued for offences detected since 8 October 2020 at red light camera sites tested in accordance with the Supreme Court decision. People receiving an expiation notice for disobeying a red light with an offence date on or since 8 October 2020 should take action in accordance with the instructions on the rear of the notice.