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Police focus on crossings and platforms in Rail Safety Week

12 Aug 2019 6:01am

There were 82 reported collisions at railway and tram crossings in South Australia over the last year, highlighting the importance of motorists and pedestrians making safe choices.

Rail Safety Week, which begins today (Monday 12 August) will see police working in a variety of ways to increase awareness of the risks.

Commuter passengers arriving at Adelaide Railway Station this morning will be greeted by members of the Police Band and Public Transport Safety Branch (PTSB) will be keen to talk to them about rail safety.

“Of particular concern for PTSB are pedestrians and commuters who put themselves are risk – often through a moment of inattention such as when using a mobile phone, or headphones,” said Chief Inspector Craig Wood, the officer in charge of PTSB.

“Both when cross the tracks, or on a station platform, it is of vital importance that commuters pay attention to their surroundings.

“We know that trains and trams are much quieter than people expect but unforgiving if people misjudge the situation.”

Police from the Traffic Support Branch (TSB) will also be keeping a close eye on key road-rail intersections this week.

Superintendent Bob Gray, the officer in charge of TSB said this week’s safety operation would also have an enforcement component, with motorists being urged to pay close attention at level crossings and to not disobey warning signals.

“It beggars belief that motorists would try to race barrier arms or red light signals, putting themselves and others at risk, yet we know they do,” he said.

“A little patience goes a long way to improving safety for all road users at these key points.”

Each day throughout the week, PTSB will also deploy police officers at various level crossings in the Adelaide metropolitan area to ensure a highly visible presence and target level crossings with a focus on safety for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists.

Rail Safety Week runs from 12 August to 18 August. More information at the Track Safe Foundation: